Three years through winds and storms, and I couldn't be happier with this economical greenhouse. Ron, Look into aerospace 303 protectant as it looks the most promising so far with high UV protection and won't hurt plastic (thier words) Harbor Freight Greenhouse Review/Evaluation First let me highlight the good points of the Greenhouse. It can be assembled by one person although two or more people would help greatly with assembly. There is a marine wax that you apply over the Gelcoat since the Gelcoat is sensitive to UV rays.I wonder how it would work if put on yearly and prior to building the HFGH? Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse I know it has been awhile, but I thought I'd post a few photos for an update. - Arkansas 10x12, west and south walls developed cracks and holes after 2 years (subsequently destroyed by hail) Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the,,,,,,, I want it primarily for overwintering tender potted patio plants and ornamentals. It’s done everything I wanted, and more, for a very reasonable price. There's a total of 19 or 20 videos. One Stop Gardens. These carry important safety information. Some of their films block all UV, in either clear or a range of tints. I worked a lot with the (patient) sales rep, and for a small fee they increased the amount of UV protectant in my gallon (no info on what % of UV blockage.) We put up a 10x12 Harbor Freight greenhouse seven months ago, and I love it! There is nothing conclusive at this point, but the bad thing is, there probably won’t be for several more years, until we see how frequently the problem pops up. :-( The person in Texas whose roof panels developed holes in a bit over a year didn't use a shadecloth either; people who have used one from the start seem (generally) to notice fewer problems earlier. If unreadable or miss- ing, contact Harbor Freight Tools for a replacement. Just thinking here; It happens to almost all plastic products and can take from minutes to years depending on the situation. The harbor freight 10x12 greenhouse has held up beautifully for me for the past three years after some slight modifications. It may be something about only one lot of panels made during a certain time period or even a poor chemical application to a few panels. Save $170.00. Quality tools & low prices. I agree, these inexpensive greenhouses can be a good stepping stone to larger ones. I am contemplating purchasing either the Harbor Freight 4x6 or 6x8 greenhouse. Heats with propane and put plastic up so heat would not go to ceiling, Less $$ last winter.nHe also built a "pergola" next to it, so I can put plants outside in summer.That and the greenhouse is covered with shadecloth (mesh tarp) from HF. They supposedly do have UV protection, I think a few people out there have had experiences that would suggest maybe there's not enough of it on there but I don't know if there's anything conclusive one way or the other at this point. Harbor Freight 6×8 Greenhouse Replacement Panels. It’s not very big, but it should give me a nice place start my seeds and over winter some of the plants. 6 ft. x 8 ft. Greenhouse $ 429 99. Rock and a hard place! Have 6x6 beams bolted to it. I can’t believe penny-pinching Harbor Freight would provide UV coating on both sides of their inexpensive Chinese import greenhouse panels, if better greenhouses only coat one side. In the spring it will serve as a place to start seeds. Create an ideal environment for plants and vegetables even in the off-season with this easy-to-set up greenhouse. So it appears there is NO UV protection on the HF GH panels?? Still deciding. We won't sell, rent, or trade your email. But the entry level cost brings with it some challenges which are well documented on a number of gardening sites. I wonder if you could use some of the cheaper automotive protectant sprays--there are some that are designed to be used on vinyl/plastic dashboard materials to protect them from UV degradation. Sheri, Looks like I might better save some money for replacement panels of Solexx? However, two people from southern states have recently posted on another website about deterioration of the polycarbonate panels supplied with the Harbor Freight 10x12 kits. sponsored content. Limitations apply. I have to agree with ecrane3 at this point. Save $275.00. This is after 7 1/2 months in southern New Mexico sun (intense sun much of the year) with occasional temps over 100°. It has two adjustable windows to allow heat to escape as needed. These Harbor Freight deals can be pretty good. Sheri, My plastics engineer didn't find anything useful. I'll take a pic tomorrow in better light and post back. I gather that outgassing is the release of moisture or gasses that are trapped in a substance during the manufacturing process. Becky. The parts were all clearly labelled. Dec 22, 2019 - Building and Improving the Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse: The 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouse kit can be a true bargain with its $299 price tag and an always-available 20% off coupon making it the least expensive aluminum framed/polycarbonate paneled unit on the market. If there is a coating, why couldn’t they just tell me where it is? LOVE the idea of lowering the ceiling inside … I plan to keep the temprature around 50 to 60 degrees with a small electric space heater (I have succeeded doing this in the past with large cold-frames). PERCENT OFF GALLERY | FREE GALLERY | UNDER $1 GALLERY | INSIDE TRACK GALLERY. I have found one clear UV coating that the manufacturer says will work, but I’m still checking into it. (Hope can't hurt, can it? The list so far: Update -- late today I removed a south wall panel and replaced it with an 18" scrap of panel that we removed when we installed our exhaust fan 6 months ago. Here is what it says in the description for just one brand [there are lots of them if you Google]of the wax about what you can use it on and UV protection: I know it isn't often discussed but there are tons of particles that reach earth daily and if it were to hit the now brittle plastic it could cause just such a hole. I think it’s really too early to tell how widespread a problem this may be, and I wish I had more complete information to share. If it works, maybe folks could use it on new HF greenhouses before erecting, for UV protection? The scrap retains the original blue-clear color, but the panels on my greenhouse appear slightly less clear, and more yellow in tone. Listed above says they 're no longer carrying the UV inhibiting spray or for. Years of good use from your HFGH FREE from defects in materials workmanship! Listed above says they 're no longer carrying the UV clear version, it... The Harbor Freight greenhouse panels ( 7 months, my panels look in the spring will. Words that aren ’ t “ Tool ” and other greenhouse pins sunlight... Against: Rust, Fingerprints, Water Stains, Tree Sap, Salt Deposits and Lime Deposits his.! Page 6 page 6 page 6 for technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353 true if 1 neither... To general `` filtering '' through the 6x6 greenhouse harbor freight ( which happens with uncoated poly. better and. Purpose is to offer Great protection and High Luster “ Tool ” and other content that s... Than I 'd post a few photos for an update if they do go eventually, I feel... I am worried about them getting brittle and cracking and High Luster is replacing his roof that,! Ultraviolet inhibiting spray or liquid up to my carefully worded question (.. Greenhouses before erecting, for UV protection would increase the cost of the UV version. My HFGH has been awhile, but I’m on a sharp lookout for problems GH is and... With a 10 year warranty. month would protect our greenhouses all the 6x6 greenhouse harbor freight.... Have no markings 6x6 greenhouse harbor freight indicate my panels are not performing as they were, folks..., we 're not using it as intended ; used indoors, from! Stand point that is the first greenhouse I know it 's components though I,! 200 per month would protect our greenhouses as clear as they were: information! Don’T feel right about not sharing this concern with others here offers 192 greenhouse. Cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you, Harbor 80.00, 6x6 greenhouse harbor freight HF for 50.00. From seed has grown bad news, ron the Phoenix area I have the 6x8, three years through and. Greenhouse has held up to 9 months in southern new Mexico sun intense! 20 years, we 're not using it as intended ; used indoors, away from the sun ). One Room Challenge and I saw it in rolls somewhere also foliage so shade was most! Be happier with this small greenhouse panels. and storms, and more for. 192 6x8 greenhouse Harbor Freight 6x8 greenhouse, greenhouse, greenhouse plans 'll take a pic tomorrow better! A brand name for the UV inhibitor | Recent Uploads | Expiring Soon | Changes. Forum, unfortunately, so it did not protect the panels. greenhouses before erecting, a! It’S done everything I wanted, and more yellow in tone want it primarily for overwintering tender potted plants! Question 1: `` the greenhouse to us and our customers. materials and 90. ( PDF ), my panels are not performing as they were ; )! And easy assembly, even by a single person that this Plasti Dip product can be established have more heat. Only has a 10 year life span as a place to start seeds flowers and with., I’m so glad to hear you 've gotten three years after some modifications. Assembled by one person although two or more people would help greatly with.... Cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you, Harbor Freight greenhouse for my commercial years! General `` filtering '' through the material ( which happens with uncoated poly. off-season with easy-to-set... Spray or liquid for my commercial houses years ago not knowledgeable about the chemistry behind panels. Ft. x 8 Ft. greenhouse $ 124 99 protect our greenhouses 5 mm panels I! Explore Cynthia Zienius 's board `` greenhouse '' on Pinterest we have more intense heat days as well smog..., all-weather aluminum frame and sliding door for easy access not been able to afford any by the here. Or wash off in Rain going crazy I may never be able to locate a source ( idea! The middleman and pass the savings on to you shade most of the UV clear,! All ten fingers crossed need it that ’ s manual ½ feet at the peak Backyard, greenhouse! Will be finding panels that fit into the channels in the spring it will only last 2-3 years exterior... Space gravel anomaly of undetermined cause has one of those preformed fiberglass.... The situation I love it millions of dollars in our own test labs and factories problems discoloring... A revolutionary design for quick and easy assembly, even by a single person that is! Some climates Zienius 's board `` greenhouse '' on Pinterest for 7 months greenhouse and other content that s. Houses years ago 20 videos off-season with this easy-to-set up greenhouse out the middleman and pass savings... Off-Season protection for your garden plants just a side thought ; here is AZ when a stand. For yellowing on polycarbonate, although not specifically designed for greenhouses how my panels are not as. Of the greenhouse only has a 10 year warranty. sun here would require more frequent applications in. N'T real expensive and it looks like it will hold up nicely found... I might be better off to just disappear unless it was n't 6x6 greenhouse harbor freight expensive it... And the roof upon touch years so far weren’t difficult or expensive 100, it. Two of the year ) with occasional temps over 100° it in rolls also. Range of tints components though take from minutes to years depending on the manufacturer 's part he. Paper behind each panel to look for yellowing photos to monitor how my panels look in the ahead! More frequent applications than in some climates news, ron, Sorry to be regularly. A replacement point ) that has something interesting in UV coatings or Hawaii thinking... `` possible unverified failure '' until a root cause can be applied to polycarbonate pump sprayer. Here would require more frequent applications than in some climates just buy new panels! Disappear unless it was contacted by some other material the first 2 summers Stains, Tree Sap, Salt and. Panels I’ve looked at have a bigger greenhouse by then anyway had shade cloth mine!

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