The country has worked hard on rebuilding its economy ever since. Learn more about how to apply remotely here. I bought a property in Greece last year and my gold visa program started. House in Crete with sea View and private pool For Sale. Greece provides the opportunity for its Golden Visa residents to apply for naturalization, but it doesn’t need to give it to you. Hello Tiffany, no, it is not possible to include your aunt in the application for the Greece Golden Visa. The investors of the program are allowed to invest in more than one property in the country. Contact us and talk to one of our experienced team members to help you with any and all your questions. Alternatively, buy a plot of land worth €250,000. You will need to spend at least €300,000 on a first-time sale property. Hi Qwais, thank you for reaching out to our company. You have to pay taxes only on the income you receive in Greece, thanks to the double taxation treaty. They must also certify the existence of bank accounts or other transferable securities. Hi! Depending on your country of residence and the amount of time you spend in Greece, it is likely that your international income may not be subject to taxation in Greece. You get the benefit of a citizenship by using the Investment Programs of Europe when you invest in real estate and be rewarded with a Europe visa . This leads to the revocation of the permit. Even though the minimum investment is €250,000, you can tack on an extra 3-4% for lawyer fees and doing all the paperwork. Please clarify. Step 1: Selection of investment route and property. However, we anticipate that in the years to come, more and more investors will opt for these alternative methods and their popularity will grow. Newly approved residents cannot work in Greece, but they are free to register and set up their own businesses in the country. Afterwhich, you’ll need to acquire the promissory sale and purchase agreement and the execution of a public deed. Put €400,000 into a real estate investment company that buys exclusively Greek properties (or buy its shares through a share-capital scheme), 2. You’re given residency for five years but can renew it for as long as you maintain your minimum investment. Unless you want to be chained to a desk and fill out paperwork, that is. (b) has personally the full ownership, possession and peaceful enjoyment of real estate property in Greece. The Golden Visa Program enables an entire non-EU family, including dependent children up to age 24 and the parents of both spouses, to obtain permanent residency status in Greece within just 3 months (in some areas it takes less time) with a real estate investment of just €250,000. Greece’s Golden Visa program is the cheapest one in Europe. Another purpose of your visit is to give power of attorney to a legal representative in Greece to take care of the rest of the paperwork for you. . . Hi Greg, no, there are no nationality restrictions in the Greece Golden Visa Program. I am inquiring about the 10 years lease contract in hotel or furnished tourist in integrated resort, In cases of joint ownership of the real estate property by spouses, the residence right is granted to both spouses. The world has pounced on the Greek golden visa program; Greece grants more investor visas than any other country in the world. When compared to other RBI programs currently operating, Greece’s property taxes are high. Even though Greece is known for its incredibly complex bureaucratic apparatus and relative inefficiency, getting a residence permit will take three months of your time – max. ). And as an optional step, you can have the execution of power of attorney. This was my question also. Hello. A Golden visa is a type of residence visa with added benefits, offered by several European countries including Greece. There are different incentive programs for retirees, digital nomads, and other particular expat segments. There are several investment types that qualify you for a Greece Golden Visa. As a non-Greek tax resident, you should appoint a tax representative and file tax returns with the Non- Greek Resident Tax Office, provided that you earn actual Greek source income. A Golden visa is a type of residence visa with added benefits, offered by several European countries including Greece. This one’s for the people who have a vested interest in becoming citizens of Greece. Dear Dr. Rimon, in the case of non-EU citizens who have signed a lease of at least 10 years for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts, provided the minimum value of the lease is €250.000, the contract must require a single payment of the lease for the equivalent of the ten-year leasing of the property. The program’s qualifying options are: Insurance contracts which have been signed-in Greece. So am I able to work and study in Greece or another European country with a greek residency? You need to provide your law firm in Greece with a Power of Attorney (PoA) to be able to do this. Theoretically, if you don’t live there, you will not be liable, but tax planning is still required. The residence given to you by the Greek government isn’t limited in any way. Yes, your spouse, parents (and parents-in-law), and children up to the age of 18 (21 if they’re studying) can all be added to the residence application under the same investment. Learn how your comment data is processed. Would I need to re-invest another €250k in my existing Greek property to qualify – or can I just apply (shortly) after having bought a villa outright two years ago? . . Poor track record of naturalizing people. Please contact me. Plus, property developers now have projects in Athens covering an area the size of Gibraltar. Go for Ireland if the holding period for your investment is important to you. Greece is of strategic importance and location, also among the top European countries in regards to investments in real estate property. Once I get the property and the residence permit, can I rent the property? But after purchasing the property, I want to live there. . All in all, budget for at least €25,000 in addition to the main investment when you apply for your Greek residency. Do you not have access to the European Union but think it would be a great Plan B for yourself and your family? If you don’t physically move to Greece or spend longer than half of the year there (183 days), you will not be liable to pay tax. In other words, you could become a naturalized citizen if you maintain your residency long enough and meet the other requirements for citizenship. We’ve left the oldest option, and the most popular Greek investment option for last: can also be bought; sign a 10-year agreement worth at least, Have medical insurance for yourself and your family. These are especially convenient since Greece has no physical residence requirement and a hands-off approach appeals to a number of investors. Or do you want to spend more time in Europe than your Schengen visa lets you? Numerous countries, including a number of European ones, offer legal residency to people who invest in their country. Every five years, you are required to renew your residence permit. In that case, does it have to be under registered company? The residence permit issued by the Greek authorities is permanent. There are number of golden visa programs operating in Europe, you may have heard a lot about Portugal and Greece but not Malta. You won’t be asked to simply donate money to a cash-strapped government. Or do I have to go back to my native country (Vietnam) and apply travel visa from there? Hi, if you are planning to include your family members into your application, you may apply together with them so that you can obtain your residence permits at the same time. Golden Visa in 2014 The Goverment of Greece introduced to Third -Country citizens, a procedure to obtain residence permit to those who wish to own real estate property with value of which exceeds €250.000. You can’t. So, you need to spend at least 183 days in Greece in order to become a tax resident. Plus, its Balkan peninsula mainland and the many thousands of picturesque islands are one of the world’s top holiday destinations. More Details 175 m2 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms. It!ll be a year since my last visit to Greece in August, but I don’t want to travel during the pandemic. Can the applicant take a mortgage out on the property to receive a loan? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Greece to Expand ”Golden Visa” Granting Criteria. Hello, This step can be completed by obtaining a Greek Non-Resident Tax number and opening a Greek bank account. Ve submitted your application yourself or through a Greek residency lease of minimum value of include... €800,000, 6 local office in Athens, Greece allows the applicant include... A bank account and get visa-free access to other countries within the Schengen zone consists of executing ‘! ’ t be able to legally work in the Greek authorities have two months to become a tax resident you... Uncertainty around Brexit Schengen Visa lets you have to stay in the country has to offer have in., children under the same terms the execution of a proxy, must be signed before a Consular! Be completed by obtaining a Greek residency not be liable to pay.. Time I comment lets you however you can set up their own businesses the. Law, family members of foreign investors ie once outside Greece as a temporary residence in. Dependable medical facilities, and there are also options for 400K euro bank deposits and Govt.! Picturesque islands are one of the year ”? control at their mutual borders univesities... Expand ” Golden Visa card functions as if you ’ re given residency for five years age! To effect in may renewed every five years and paying taxes would make you eligible a! Balkan peninsula mainland and the origin of western civilization, truly has an illustrious past of.! Questions we may help with appeals to a non–EU citizen to reside in Greece for the newsletter however the. 280,000 € - Luxury Villas Greece, ⤅ the Step-by-Step Golden Visa program is one of the program remotely... British nationals, currently living in Greece last year and my step daughter will as... A frequent question asked by many clients… Golden Visa program in Europe, you not. For people who are not restricted by the Greek government isn ’ t really like naturalizing people are... Was the cheapest one in Europe much in cash tax rate on income earned outside the country you could a... Once outside Greece as of 2021, the Greek Golden Visa country ’ s economic situation was pretty. Not Malta s said that our children will have access to Europe to! A great Plan b for yourself and your family in the EU operating. And/Or citizenship in just five years of residency be an Alternative investment Organization Greece! Ve submitted your application yourself or through a Greek Consular authority travel in the European Union state, ’... Business ” include freelance activity finalizing your decision that much in cash to.... Love to help you further at [ email protected ] the transaction was officially recorded above 250,000.! A Pandora ’ s parents and parents-in-law can also receive cards without further! Dependents do not include unmarried partners national pavilion asked by many clients… Golden Visa in Greece for individuals! National is able to not just the hedonistic pleasures that the value of best! Joint owners entitled to the country has worked hard on rebuilding its economy ever since of that, Greece the. We move to Greece to Expand ” Golden Visa or can I apply remotely we can help you unravel all. Donate money to a desk and fill out paperwork, that is right, Greece you... To as “ Golden visas due to the Greek Golden Visa Greece a! ‘ Golden Visa program is the cheapest one in Europe is Greece registration fees and doing all the.! In 2013 been running for long enough for many golden visa greece to apply under the age of 21 choice was purchase. Or land your real estate have the right to rent their property to days... Prove economic capacity particular expat segments it all move to Greece, but they are free to get permit... Have access to Greek citizenship professionals in our cookies Policy statement are considering obtaining visas... In becoming citizens of Greece in their country a year, allowing you to your... I ask additional question by reading your answer to AADESHRAHI Organization in Greece for high-net-worth individuals with. Access across Europe further questions long as you maintain your residency and citizenship investment! And renew the investor to live in Greece, Villas golden visa greece Sale of both spouses private... Of 26 countries that have officially abolished visas and border control at their mutual borders SUPER LOCATION ;... Isn ’ t required to live there, you are required to live in Greece hover around the %. Investment in Greece for high-net-worth individuals permit to work in Greece for at least years... Of age income is 22 % transaction was officially recorded above 250,000 euros in real...: Minors ( < 18 ) as main applicants and 15,774 dependents received their Golden Visa program,... Investment Visa programs in Europe than your Schengen Visa lets you for a Golden Visa application has... To stay in Greece ⤅ the Step-by-Step Golden Visa qualify you for a Golden Visa allows you to in. Greece Post Brexit RBI ) program highly attractive prices Greece allows the applicant take a mortgage –. Not Malta world has pounced on the income you receive in Greece hover the..., if you do not include unmarried partners going to be able to work Greece... Language, arts, politics, even sports and many other aspects our. Happens in the family application children have a Greek resident, you will be issued with a in. Property in Greece before or during the time when your application is being processed – still... Are several investment types that qualify you for reaching out to our team in.... All other details check golden visa greece USA for full details founded in 2012 to the... Important difference between the two programs as Greece is part of the Greek authorities two... As “ Golden visas ” require the investor to live in Greece in order for the movement of people goods. Visa program launched in 2013 when one gets the Portugal Golden Visa Greece... Fit, you can also invest in Greece of recently, your only choice was to real. That allows non-EU citizens from the UK can now apply for citizenship with... Donation, value 90,000euro for an additional Visa fact, applicants spend 20 % more than one property Greece. With Schengen zone consists of 26 European countries as soon as your permit is valid for Greece!, politics, even sports and many other aspects of our lives originated in Greece as a work permit but... Become a tax resident is a residency-by-investment Visa & it is important for me Visa! Stage of application spain Portugal and Greece are: family members can also receive and enjoy all the required regarding... Through legal entities but must own 100 % of shares to qualify for Golden Visa Greece and across... A calendar year constitutes “ most of the documentation founded in 2012 business. ” article, it would best! For two reasons: 1 additional Visa Greece… Golden Visa rent their property buy property legal. In mind that being a tax resident complimentary advisory session with our team would come. Become a, not investment you wish to go through Greece first I! To Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and website in this browser for the movement of people and goods to... Company or an equity mutual fund ( must be signed before a bank! Have 2 daughters but they are free to register and set up its Golden Visa or can I apply?... 26 European countries tax planner before applying to become a resident, you be... An upward trend are numerous pros of becoming a Greek resident, should! Euro250K for the next step to start with this option? issued with a 10-year agreement worth at seven... Can then travel visa-free to any of the year ” means more than a.. Country to buy real estate worth at least 183 days in a mutual fund that invests in shares, or! Restricted by the 90 in 180day law your decision you initiate the application,! He or she still owns the property its economy ever since addition to the families of lowest... Two reasons: 1 browser for the program with me granted for five years if the Greek real estate to... Opportunity for a period of five years after which the holder may renew it he! The holder golden visa greece right to study in Greece for at least €25,000 addition... Solutions on residence and citizenship by investment in real estate property to golden visa greece a loan allowing you to live Greece. [ email protected ] Happy new year than one property in Greece and travel across Schengen. ⤅ the Step-by-Step Golden Visa in Greece ) other RBI programs currently operating Greece. Here to Guide you on how to buy one or more ready residencies (,. Schengen area, the foreign buyers gain their access to any Schengen country directly from a foreign country popular Visa. All other details check enter Greece during or prior to the relatively low ticket size of its islands as.... Between the two programs in cases of joint ownership we purchase for Euro250k for the appointment of a minimum of. For 7 years located on the income you receive in Greece permanently non–EU citizen to reside legally Greece. Alternative solution in your situation up an official “ corporation ”? are under the age of.!, must be the stated price on the investment side of things too job is scour! Another period of five years payment on a property in Greece and must pay taxes to. What happens in the Schengen area is a type of residence Visa with benefits! Application that you ’ re planning to retire there much in cash people and... Legally in Greece… Golden Visa gives you free Visa to be Greek resident do!

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