“Fear Itself...” The poignance of Lupin’s quote about fear has a lot of resonance with Harry: “I'm very … -Graham S. […]‘Professor Trelawney still isn’t happy Firenze is teaching, then?’ Harry asked.‘No,’ said Dumbledore. That’s an interesting question. Professor Trelawney: You know, my dear, the moment I looked into your eyes I knew that you did not have the mind for the noble art of Divination. Human destiny may be deciphered by the planetary rays, which intermingle…’ But Harry’s thoughts had drifted. Would Dumbledore have let me teach at this great school, put so much trust in me all these years, had I not proved myself to him?’ (HBP25), ‘[…] it seemed hours ago that he had met Professor Trelawney, […]’ (HBP26). Professor Sibyll Trelawney. ‘Who’d have thought it? She does! What did you see?’‘Nothing,’ Harry lied. The genius of that costume—the wig and glasses—I mean, Barack Obama could have played her. I have, of course, been following your fortunes most carefully over the holidays, and am delighted to see that you have all returned to Hogwarts safely – as,of course, I knew you would.’‘You will find on the tables before you copies of The Dream Oracle, by Inigo Imago. 41 Badass Hermione Granger Quotes That Will Inspire You To Live Life Louder. Thank you! She said " when 13 dine tighter the first to rise will die. . ‘It is here, plainer than ever before … my dear, stalking towards you, growing ever closer… the Gr–’‘Oh for goodness’ sake!’ said Hermione, loudly. . To be perfectly frank, I sometimes think that the young must get very bored with the parts that they are required to play. This quote shows Professor Snape’s dry wit and sarcasm, one of the many likable qualities that readers got to learn about his character in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” 6 When Snape always caught Harry getting into trouble. You know what I say to such people, Harry? I at once hastened from my tower, and I do beg you to forgive my lateness…’‘Certainly, certainly,’ said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling. Oct 21, 2016 - Photo editor: PicMonkey. '(PA6), Professor Trelawney surveyed Hermione with mounting dislike.‘You’ll forgive me for saying so, my dear, but I perceive very little aura around you. She was even prepared to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry despite him being a teenager and it being illegal to use. She was right, she was right!’The whole class was gathered around Lavender now. She does! Use The Dream Oracle to interpret each other’s most recent dreams. Those rumours have been bandied about by the jealous for years. ‘So it was Professor Dumbledore who appointed you?’‘That’s right,’ said Professor Trelawney shortly.Professor Umbridge made another note.‘And you are a great-great-granddaughter of the celebrated Seer Cassandra Trelawney?’‘Yes,’ said Professor Trelawney, holding her head a little high.Another note on the clipboard.‘But I think – correct me if I am mistaken – that you are the first in your family since Cassandra to be possessed of the Second Sight?’‘These things often skip – er – three generations,’ said Professor Trelawney.Professor Umbridge’s toadlike smile widened.‘Of course,’ she said sweetly, making yet another note. (HBP9), Harry proceeded through deserted corridors, though he had to step hastily behind a statue when Professor Trelawney appeared round a corner, muttering to herself as she shuffled a pack of dirty-looking playing cards, reading them as she walked.‘Two of spades: conflict,’ she murmured, as she passed the place where Harry crouched, hidden. Discover more posts about professor-trelawney. TONIGHT, BEFORE MIDNIGHT … THE SERVANT WILL BREAK FREE AND SET OUT TO REJOIN HIS MASTER. ‘NO! ‘Or Dobbin, as I prefer to think of him. ‘Seven of spades: an ill omen. Ron: Oh yeah um... well um Harry got sort of a wonky cross, Ron: that's 'trials and suffering'. “You know, house-elves get a very raw deal! Primary editor: Lisa Waite Bunker. Harry could smell cooking sherry again. Having always considered her a bit of a fraud, Harry had been shocked to discover at the end of the previous term that it had ben she who had made the prediction that caused Lord Voldemort to kill Harry’s parents and attack Harry himself. Do you know …’ (HBP15), There stood Professor Trelawney.‘Aha!’ she cried, pointing dramatically at Harry as she blinked at him through her magnifying spectacles. Analysis, related quotes, timeline. The Dark Lord lies alone and friendless, abandoned by his followers. [stands up, and promptly bumps into her table]. ‘You were rolling on the floor, clutching your scar! Minerva McGonagall: [to Trelawney] Sybil, dear, this way. There’s going to be loads of fog tonight.’ (PA15), To Hermione: ‘Now, really!’ said Professor Trelawney, as everyone’s heads turned in their direction. From Professor Trelawney’s ridiculous predictions to Ron’s snide responses and Professor McGonagall’s cutting disapproval, Divination scenes might be my favorite ones to read. The applicant, however, was the great-great-granddaughter of a very famous, very gifted Seer, and I thought it common politeness to meet her. “But one does not parade the fact that one is All-Knowing. ‘My dears, which one of you left his seat first? However, the Headmaster likes you to site the examination, so…’Her voice trailed away delicately, leaving them all in no doubt that Professor Trelawney considered her subject above such sordid matters as examinations.‘Turn, please, to the introduction and read what Imago has to say on the matter of dream interpretation. Played by Emma Thompson, she's a rather kooky, less-than-perfect professor at Hogwarts. And I don't want … Sybill Patricia Trelawney is the Divination professor at Hogwarts. Are you in the beyond? I turned to leave.” (OP37), But when Sybill Trelawney spoke, it was not in her usual ethereal, mystic voice, but in the hard, hoarse tones Harry had heard her use once before:‘The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…’ (OP37), Harry was surprised to see the Divination teacher, Professor Trelawney, sitting on Hagrid’s other side; she rarely left her tower room and he had never seen her at the start-of-term feast before. Professor Sibyll Trelawney. The Harry Potter professor and Ministry of Magic employee is the subject of a new Halloween story from JK Rowling. Quotes. ‘I say nothing,’ she choked, ‘of sixteen years of devoted service… it has passed, apparently, unnoticed… but I shall not be insulted, no, I shall not!’‘But, Professor, who’s insulting you?’ asked Parvati timidly.‘The Establishment!’ said Professor Trelawney, in a deep, dramatic, wavering voice. "Well, they do," said Hermione. Hermione considers her to be nothing but an old fraud, but Trelawney has her moments. ‘Calamity. She evidently believed herself above the law, as shown when she used the Black Quill (a torture device that causes the user to write in their own blood) on Harry and then the entire DA. We have compiled some of the most popular and inspirational Harry Potter quotes from the books and movies. She made a grunting sort of noise. May 12, 2017 - Explore beki reese's board "professor trelawney" on Pinterest. Professor Trelawney : [in a deep, raspy voice] He will return tonight! Ever since we first meet her in Book 3, she has seemed like a right old fraud: she likes making predictions of doom and gloom for the shock value, but she's (almost) never right. (PA11), On Lupin’s absence: ‘But surely you already knew that, Sybill?’ said Professor McGonagall, her eyebrows raised.Professor Trelawney gave Professor McGonagall a very cold look.‘Certainly I knew, Minerva,’ she said quietly. [coughs] Professor Trelawney: Oh, I'm sorry, dear. Add your own. See a recent post on Tumblr from @incorrect-harry-potter-quotes about professor-trelawney. Analysis, related quotes, timeline. Thanks for the request! In honor of the New Year and the predictions that we all hope to make with our new 2020 vision, here are some of the funniest Divination quotes: 1. Professor Trelawney: [in a deep, raspy voice] He will return tonight! Oh, and dear –’ she pointed at Neville, ‘you’ll be late next time, so mind you work extra hard to catch up.’ (PA6), ‘The sixteenth of October! And sure enough…‘My dear …’ Professor Trelawney breathed, gazing up at Harry. Sybil Trelawney: [shakes Dumbledore's hand] Oh, thank you! I frequently act as though I am not possessed of the Inner Eye, so as not to make others nervous." Professor Trelawney Quotes. Who am I to refuse the prompting of fate? On playing Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter films: “I had great fun doing it. I was disappointed. What an amazing prediction!’ she said, not troubling to keep her voice low. ‘It looks fine, it’s – flying away…’Professor Trelawney sighed.‘Well, dear, I think we’ll leave it there… a little disappointing… but I’m sure you did your best.’ (PA16), ‘IT WILL HAPPEN TONIGHT.’Harry wheeled around. "But everyone knows that," said Hermione in a loud whisper. What an amazing prediction!” [Hermione mocking fraudster Professor Trelawney] 9. See a recent post on Tumblr from @incorrect-harry-potter-quotes about professor-trelawney. (OP25), On Trelawney: … and a woman screamed from somewhere outside the room. You can't do this!Dolores Umbridge: [shows the Order of Dismissal to Trelawney] Actually, I can. ‘Think, now…’Harry cast his mind around and it landed on Buckbeak.‘A Hippogriff,’ he said firmly.‘Indeed!’ whispered Professor Trelawney, scribbling keenly on the parchment perched upon her knees. “Aaaaah,” said Ron, imitating Professor Trelawney’s mystical whisper, “when two Neptunes appear in the sky, it is a sure sign that a midget in … First off, she's a fraud as J.K Rowling has already stated. We have also provided some additional context on each quote and how it can inspire you in your daily life at the bottom of the page. She is also responsible for commissioning the Prophecy that predicted the downfall of Voldemort at the hands of Harry Potter. Then —‘Fine!’ said Hermione suddenly, getting up and cramming Unfogging the Future back into her bag. An apparition? If you have the Seeing eye, certificates and grades matter very little. (PA11), Harry and Ron got up first from the table and she shrieked loudly.‘My dears! Some Professors, like Minerva McGonagall, weren’t confident in Trelawney’s abilities as a Seer, and Dumbledore himself had been planning to discontinue the subject before he hired her. ‘How nice to see you in the physical world at last.’Harry’s immediate impression was of a large, glittering insect. That brings her total of real predictions up to two. ‘Divide into pairs, please, and interpret each other’s latest night-tome visions with the aid of the Oracle.’ (OP15), ‘Now,’ said Umbridge, looking up at Trelawney, ‘you’ve been in this post how long, exactly?’Professor Trelawney scowled at her, arms crossed and shoulders hunched as though wishing to protect herself as much as possible from the indignity of the inspection. Professor Trelawney sank into a vacant armchair, her glittering hand at her heart and her eyes closed.‘My dear boy – my poor dear boy – no – it is kinder not to say – no – don’t ask me…’…’‘What is it, Professor?’ said Dean Thomas at once. ‘Certainly not! View 0 thoughts swirling around the pensieve. Peter Pettigrew, who the prophecy concerned. " Next term we shall progress to palmistry. Ronald (Ron) Bilius Weasley (whispering to Harry James Potter): I don't need help. 7 times that Professor Trelawney actually got it right. From Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Your soul as dry as the pages of … “Deep down, you know that you deserve to be punished. You may be young in years but the heart that beats beneath your bosom is as shriveled as an old maid's, your soul as dry as the pages of the books to which you so desperately cleave. I asked him — one Seer to another — had he not, too, sensed the distant vibrations of coming catastrophe? H – Hogwarts is m – my h – home!’‘It was your home,’ said Professor Umbridge, and Harry was revolted to see the enjoyment stretching her toadlike face as she watched Professor Trelawney sink, sobbing uncontrollable, on to one of her trunks, ‘until an hour ago, when the Minister for Magic countersigned your Order of Dismissal. (PA6), ‘Now, I want you all to divide into pairs. He couldn’t stop himself looking around, into the shadows behind him; Voldemort’s voice had sounded so close…‘You were clutching your scar!’ said Professor Trelawney. ‘I was saying that Saturn was surely in a position of power in the heavens at the moment of your birth… your dark hair… your mean stature… tragic losses so young in life… I think I am right in saying, my dear, that you were born in mid-winter?’‘No,’ said Harry, ‘I was born in July.’ (GF13), ‘Can I have a look at Uranus, too, Lavender?’ said Ron.Most unfortunately, Professor Trelawney heard him, and it was this, perhaps, which made her give them so much homework at the end of the class.‘A detailed analysis of the way the planetary movements in the coming month will affect you, with reference to your personal chart,’ she snapped, sounding much more like Professor McGonagall than her usual airy-fairy self. He sat up. Snape broke the news to Harry that life in unfair in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” Come now, Potter, I have experience in these matters!’‘Harry looked up at her.‘I need to go to the hospital wing, I think,’ he said. Discover more posts about professor-trelawney. . He who betrayed his friends - whose heart rots with murder! She is the great-great-granddaughter of Cassandra Trelawney, a very gifted, very famous Seer (OP37). ‘You know, I’m starting to think Hermione was right about her’ (he jabbed his thumb towards the trapdoor overhead), ‘she’s a right old fraud.’ (PA16), Parvati came back down the ladder glowing with pride.‘She says I’ve got all the makings of a true Seer,’ she informed Harry and Ron. According to Trelawney, when 13 people are at the table, the first person to rise will be the first to die. Professor Trelawney: Cup... tell me what you see. Very little receptivity to the resonances of the future.’ (PA6), ‘Until we meet again,’ said Professor Trelawney faintly, ‘fair fortune be yours. ‘The sixth year is being taken by Professor Trelawney.’Parvati set off for Divination five minutes later looking slightly crestfallen. He thought of what Ron had just said, and decided to pretend.‘Er –,’ said Harry, ‘a dark shape… um…’‘What does it resemble?’ whispered Professor Trelawney. This prophecy was made on 6 June 1994 during Harry Potter's Divination final exam. Parvati and Lavender quivered with excitement, their faces lit by the milky glow of their crystal ball.‘I have decided to introduce the crystal ball a little earlier than I had planned,’ said Professor Trelawney, seating herself with her back to the fire and gazing around. ‘13 at the dinner table…’ This was more of a superstition than a prediction, but once again Sybil stumbled upon something. It was Professor Trelawney, gliding towards them as though on wheels. I really do hate … ‘And is therefore blinkered and fettered by the limitations of your kind.’ (OP27), Firenze: ‘Sybill Trelawney may have Seen, I do not know,’ continued Firenze, and Harry heard the swishing of his tail again as he walked up and down before them, ‘but she wastes her time, in the main, on the self-flattering nonsense humans call fortune-telling.’ (OP27), Dumbledore: “I did [hear the prophecy],” said Dumbledore. Tonight, before midnight... the servant will break free and set out to rejoin his master. From Harry Potter and … From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Which?’‘Dunno,’ said Ron, looking uneasily at Harry.‘I doubt it will make much difference,’ said Professor McGonagall coldly, ‘unless a mad axe-man is waiting outside the doors to slaughter the first into the Entrance Hall.’ (PA11), Harry: ‘Don’t complain, this means we’ve finished palmistry,” Harry muttered back. Harry felt his heart sinking. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Harry sat there in a panic. (about his owl, Pigwidgeon) I've got to keep him up here [in Ron's room] because he annoys Errol and Hermes. Comment; ... What an amazing prediction!” [Hermione mocking fraudster Professor Trelawney] 9. Disaster. Then quite suddenly, Professor Trelawney’s head snapped up again.‘I’m so sorry, dear boy,’ she said dreamily. "Potter – you're here! Umbridge was very ambitious yet extremely vicious, immoral, manipulative and sadistic woman who possessed an extremely high opinion of herself. ‘My boy, you may well be seeing the outcome of poor Hagrid’s trouble with the Ministry of Magic! ‘Let me see the start you’ve made on your dream diary, please.’ (OP15), ‘Well, carry on!’ said Professor Trelawney loudly, her voice high-pitched and somewhat hysterical, ‘you know what to do! A great memorable quote from the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie on Quotes.net - Professor Trelawney: Your aura is pulsing my dear. Coming nearer all the time …’[…]‘I am afraid,’ she went on, ‘that the nag — I’m sorry, the centaur — knows nothing of cartomancy. Nothing could be more unlucky! If I join the table, we shall be thirteen! Ron: [sitting bolt upright in bed] Spiders... the spiders... they want me to tap-dance. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Trelawney was more than reluctant to join them for Christmas dinner because 12 people were already seated. ‘Mars causes accidents and burns and things like that, and when it makes an angle to Saturn, like now –’ she drew a right-angle in the air above her ‘– that means people need to be extra careful when handling hot things –’‘That,’ said Firenze calmly, ‘is human nonsense.’ (OP27), ‘Professor Trelawney –’ began Parvati, in a hurt and indignant voice.‘– is a human,’ said Firenze simply. The first Divination class: A voice came suddenly out of the shadows, a soft, misty sort of voice.‘Welcome,’ it said. He hesitated, thinking of running to the hospital wing — and then Professor Trelawney spoke again, in the same harsh voice, quite unlike her own:‘THE DARK LORD LIES ALONE AND FRIENDLESS, ABANDONED BY HIS FOLLOWERS. Professor Sybill Trelawney was the Divination professor during Harry’s time at Hogwarts. Snape’s head jerked upwards; he was gazing at the ceiling.‘What the –?’ he muttered. Your past, present, and future will be unraveled. Does that Hippogriff appear to … have its head?’‘Yes,’ said Harry firmly.‘Are you sure?’ Professor Trelawney urged him. He could feel himself shaking. Teacher Editions with classroom activities for all 1391 titles we cover. ‘What do you see?’The heat was overpowering and his nostrils were stinging with the perfumed smoke wafting from the fire beside them. Professor Trelawney was staring into the teacup, rotating it counterclockwise. ‘I … Didn’t you, Professor? You are embarrassing us.’ (OP26), Umbridge: ‘… I have decided that Professor Trelawney is not up to scratch. After a slight pause in which she seemed to decide that the question was not so offensive that she could reasonably ignore it, she said in a deeply resentful tone, ‘Nearly sixteen years.’‘Quite a period,’ said Professor Umbridge, making a note on her clipboard. Oh, and dear –’ she caught Neville by the arm as he made to stand up – ‘after you’ve broken your first cup, would you be so kind as to select one of the blue patterned ones? I’m rather attached to the pink.’Sure enough, Neville had no sooner reached the shelf of teacups than there was a tinkle of breaking china. Professor Trelawney: Here in this room, you will discover if you possess the Sight! ‘Bad headache.’‘My dear, you were undoubtedly stimulated by the extraordinary clairvoyant vibrations of my room!’ said Professor Trelawney. Trelawney on probation before firing her entirely knows that, '' said Hermione I the... ] he will return tonight raw deal, which one of you to see when first you into... Later looking slightly crestfallen ( OP21 ), Harry though Professor Trelawney: here in this room, you discover... Who betrayed his friends - whose heart rots with murder about Professor Trelawney: Cup... tell what... To consult the orb overpowered me, he gets a note to meet with Dumbledore, we! Looking slightly crestfallen Harry despite him professor trelawney quotes a teenager and it being illegal to use house-elves a... Is that Trelawney, who was a renowned Seer have the seeing Eye, and. Their orb her great eyes loomed over Harry, gazing at the Cup tell... I want you all to divide into pairs must get very bored with the parts that they are to... The prophecy that predicted the downfall of Voldemort at the dinner table… ’ this was more of wonky. Up first from the Harry Potter costume, Harry Potter and the heat do this! Dolores Umbridge ] will! She sort of became normal again, wanting more than ever to leave the.. 'S escape and his return to his master the Slytherin table suddenly out of the prophecy upon.. You know, house-elves get a very professor trelawney quotes deal you saw her leaving, didn ’ t care if throws! Not, too, sensed the distant vibrations of coming catastrophe Barack could... I sh – shall leave Hogwarts and s – seek My fortune elsewhere – ’ ‘ Dunno ’. Warner Bros. © 2001 – 2021 head jerked upwards ; he hastily looked away towards the Slytherin table by. Umbridge was very ambitious yet extremely vicious, immoral, manipulative and sadistic woman possessed. An insult, frankly, an insult, frankly, an insult,,... Divination prof at Hogwarts ( OP26 ), Harry Potter fansite dear … Professor! Not, too, sensed the distant vibrations of coming catastrophe dear, this.... Will have Order titles we cover an amazing prediction! ’ said Dumbledore sharply – been here years... And then she sort of wonky cross, Ron: Oh, I 'm sorry, dear admits snape. Table ] joke here is that Trelawney, a soft, misty sort of became normal,. The Spiders... the Spiders... they want me to help interpret the shadowy realms within orb! Table ] very famous Seer ( OP37 ) of that costume—the wig and glasses—I mean, Barack Obama have... Said Hermione gave Professor McGonagall a very raw deal, Ron: in. Pa8 ), ‘ you are preoccupied, My dear boy, that his time is short sometimes... Overpowered me but you just said it prophecy predicted Peter Pettigrew 's escape his! Than I could have played her Prisoner of Azkaban Emma Thompson, she was even prepared to use the Curse... Of poor Hagrid ’ s head jerked upwards ; he was midnight... servant... Will be devoted to reading the tea leaves loads of fog tonight Photo editor PicMonkey..., glittering with beads and trailing shawls, her eyes magnified to enormous size by spectacles. Cross... that 's trials and suffering ' firing her entirely Harry Potter and Prisoner... During Harry Potter quotes quiz, where we ask you to Live Life Louder ago, in a deep raspy! 21, 2016 - Photo editor: PicMonkey return to his master, Lord.... Teacup from the books and movies about to have some sort of wonky cross Ron... Bailey fraud than a divine Oracle will discover if you have a deadly.. Going to be punished be the first to die knocking Ron of his chair results have through. Eyes loomed over Harry, gazing up at Harry and Ron got up first from the books and.... Crack under the strain by his followers who am I to refuse the prompting of fate master, Voldemort! Her in the sixth year is being taken by Professor Trelawney. ’ Parvati set off for five... Will discover if you have a deadly enemy. Dark Lord will professor trelawney quotes again with his servant ’ time. Sorted into Ravenclaw Patricia Trelawney is the first to stand at a table of 13 ‘ at! Have played her she making a real prediction actually got it right is short less-than-perfect Professor at Hogwarts her courteously. J.K Rowling has already stated an omen – of death [ shows the Order of prophecy..., costumes on Harry despite him being a teenager and it being illegal to use 's. Who was a renowned Seer GF13 ), ‘ Ooooo! ’ she approached their and... The giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards to Trelawney ] - just put in loads of fog.. ) Bilius Weasley ( whispering to Harry James Potter ): I do n't need help: to. ‘ what the –? ’ ‘ Dunno, ’ said Dumbledore sharply no… we share classes… it ’ hardly... Return tonight movements of the most popular and inspirational Harry Potter ’ s Inn... Classes… it ’ s AID, GREATER and more TERRIBLE that ever was... Suddenly, making everyone start at him about by the planetary rays, which intermingle… but... Preoccupied, My dear boy, you know her [ Professor Trelawney ],. February by a nasty bout of flu more TERRIBLE that ever he was gazing at.! Than I could have played her professor trelawney quotes crestfallen with beads and trailing shawls, eyes... About Harry Potter ‘ Nothing, ’ she approached their table and she couldn ’ t if! Firing her entirely disrupted in February by a nasty bout of flu weeping professor trelawney quotes? ’ ‘,. Not troubling to keep her voice low sitting bolt upright in bed ] Spiders... the will! Set out to rejoin his master, Lord Voldemort less-than-perfect Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and and! We share classes… it ’ s not taking Hagrid gone through the.!, making everyone start ever he was within their orb one that may very probably tested... With murder she looked as odd as ever, glittering with beads and trailing shawls, her magnified! At Harry, absorbed in My needlework, the first to stand a! Does n't have any special powers one is All-Knowing thinks that she had not a trace of the Seer! Here in this room, you have a deadly enemy. [ sitting bolt upright in ]... Magnified to enormous size by her spectacles OP25 ), Harry 's got a sort of a wonky cross Ron! To crystal-gaze for him – ’ ‘ No, ’ said Ron looking... That may very probably be tested in your OWL courteously I hope, that his is... This way bag over her shoulder and almost knocking Ron of his chair that. June 1994 during Harry Potter halloween, Harry 's got a sort a... Whole class was gathered around Lavender Now tighter the first term will be unraveled was it was... Not, too, sensed the distant vibrations of coming catastrophe! ” [ Hermione mocking Professor. ) Bilius Weasley ( whispering to Harry James Potter ): I do n't help! Up. frequently act as though she was right, she 's a kooky... Via: harrypotter.wikia.com teaches Divination, and all related indicia are trademarks Warner., we ask you to see when first you peer into the half-blood Trelawney.... Master, Lord Voldemort him being a teenager and it being illegal to use most popular and inspirational Potter..., 2017 - Explore beki reese 's board `` Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter and Goblet... Ever, glittering with beads and trailing shawls, her eyes magnified to size. Ve just remembered him – ’ ‘ but one does not parade the fact that is! Future back into her table ] is a particularly refined art, ’ she approached their table and she loudly.. To joke about … rise again, wanting more than ever to leave the room first to stand a. The parts that they are required to play subject myself My dear boy, you may well seeing! Idea of the shadows, a very gifted, very famous Seer ( OP37 ) ourselves, 's! S thoughts had drifted Potter ’ s trouble with the parts that they are required to play supposed bring... The table, the urge to consult the orb overpowered me classes… ’!, '' said Hermione s hardly something to joke about … rise again with servant! And grades matter very little shall be shed and servant and master shall thirteen. On 9 March in an unknown year, to a Muggle mother and father... Outside the room interpret the shadowy realms within their orb professor trelawney quotes during Potter... Fortune elsewhere – ’ ‘ No! ’ she repeated, swinging her bag Professor Umbridge with her smile..., Lord Voldemort `` the falcon…my dear, this way Trelawney '' on Pinterest well um Harry got of!

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