use "cage" in a sentence The monkeys came up to the bars of the cage and took food right out of our hands. 2 letter Words made out of cage. Nightingales will not sing in a cage . The lion was pacing back and forth in its cage, growling at the spectators. Inflections of 'cage' (v): (⇒ conjugate) cages v 3rd person singular caging v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Your ferret will have the safety of a cage with all of the bells and whistles to keep them entertained and comfortable. In general, you should make sure that you have all the necessary supplies such as a cage, food and water so that the bird will be comfortable. cages example sentences. The rescuer makes a fist with one hand, and places it, thumb toward the child, below the rib cage and above the waist. In most cases you can't just put a stake or a cage in the ground and expect the plant to know what to do. The cage is then lifted by the engine clear of the keeps, which are opened by a lever worked by hand, and the empty tubs start on the return trip. Trim floor so it fits down into the cage, past the bird door. troops in Jerusalem laid down their arms. It was revised and kept alive by Jeremy Bentham in his fanatical scheme for a "panopticon or inspection house," described as "a circular building, an iron cage glazed, a glass lantern as large as Ranelagh, with the cells on the outer circumference.". Her next role is opposite Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore in the thriller, Next, as well as the upcoming Adam Sandler film, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. It is in the abdomen on the right side of the body between the diaphragm and the lower rib cage. It is best that the cage be placed in a small, closed off room in the house to prevent additional stress to the cat. He is credited with the invention of the "Cage Heel", a way to make high heeled shoes more secure and comfortable for women. The former contrivances consist essentially of levers or cams with toothed surfaces or gripping shoes mounted upon transverse axes attached to the sides of the cage, whose function is to take hold of the guides and support the cage in the event of its becoming detached from the rope. 194+25 sentence examples: 1. You could have the pleasure of lining a bird cage with the newspaper and letting your parakeet crap on the bad review, and that was the end of that. Lillian Cottrell, 29, was sentenced Monday to … What does cages expression mean? Doggie Camp Dog Boarding in Santa Cruz (located about an hour from the heart of San Francisco) has been in business for over ten years, providing "cage free" dog boarding. A pitheadman, named John Maxton, was in the act of putting in an empty hutch on the cage. olfactory cues during cage cleaning procedures has been repeatedly proposed as a means of reducing these peaks in aggression. . Played the role of Betsy, opposite Nicolas Cage and James Caan, in the 1992 comedy/drama Honeymoon in Vegas. Words that often come before cadge in sentences. The scale of the fighting is almost unimaginable. She also showed a lot of skin in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, where she starred alongside such notables (although they weren't famous at the time) as Nicolas Cage, Sean Penn and Forest Whitaker. All Rights Reserved. It had stirred before, but not with the warm tingle melting its icy cage. In addition, balls should be clean and dry when they are loaded into the cage, for best results. 萨姆一上午都像困兽一样走来走去。. After talking with M & J for about one hour, I came home to do my own research and to my further surprise, I found many styles of the portable cat cage, and the clothing styles surely have gotten better for cats. Bored out of its mind, the monkey stares out of the cage … Enter the Reapers Sprawl, go up the ramp, and talk to the Kvatch guard locked in the cage. Like any doomsday prophesy, the death knell was premature, but in 1937 John Cage reiterated the warning. Corsets were also known to deform the rib cage, compress internal organs, and restrict breathing when worn for extended periods of time. Examples of Cadge in a sentence. this envelope should be of solid metal; a cage made of fine metal wire gauze which permits objects in its interior to be seen will yet be a perfect electrical screen for them. ; The man with the guitar sang a ballad about caged birds and blossoms in flower-pots. The bird escaped from the cage. The gorilla rattled the bars of its cage. But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars of rage his wings are clipped and … . Basic Swedish survival phrases for travelers Say Hello in Swedish. Tosca Cafe on Columbus in North Beach is an iconic bar that claims movie stars (think Penn, Coppola, Cage, and the like) as well as the hoi polloi for patrons. Through the introduction of the cage (clodding) presses circular cakes have become fashionable, and as the material of these presses can be made much stronger and therefore higher pressure can be employed, more oil is expressed from the meal than in open presses. A barrel or upright contact lens case has a cage or basket design that holds each contact lens separately. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. They are weighed and then dumped into a washing machine, consisting of a large horizontal cage, submerged in water, in which revolves a horizontal shaft carrying arms. Ryan becomes a cage fighter to cope with his anger issues and Seth's girlfriend Summer heads to Brown University where she avoids calls from Seth who stayed in Newport Beach. The advantages that led to the very rapid introduction of this system were not only the power of greatly reducing the size of the piers, but the enormous facility afforded for quick construction, the small amount of materials relatively used and the proportionately small load upon the foundations, and the fact that as the walls are supported at each storey directly from the cage, the masonry can be begun at any storey independently of the masonry below it. We, as a matter of course, will contact your former employer. It will be necessary to regularly clean the cage to avoid the build-up of waste, dropped food and feathers and to ensure that the bird has a clean place to live. She felt like she was at the zoo, standing in front of the cage of a hungry lion. 4. The collection is not usually very rich in species, but there have been great and long-continued successes in the breeding of large animals such as hippopotamuses, lions and antelopes, and a very large business is done in domesticated birds, water-fowl and cage birds. Three principal patterns, those of King, Ormerod and Walker, are in use, and they are generally efficient supposing the speed of the cage at arrival is not excessive. It’s easy. 1). She also seems to be digging in her cage with her head and scratching the cage walls; is this what they call nesting behavior? If you don't cage him now, you lose the ability to curb the animalistic side of him. I put the leaves into a large garden carry bag then heave them over into the cage in one go. (open, save, copy) There are some birds that do not mind being touched and handled while others prefer to sit in their cage without disturbance. An assistant thumps the rib cage to help loosen the secretions. The soldiers just thrust the sword directly between the enemies ' rib cage, and this is known as a serpent's thrust the sword directly between the enemies ' rib cage, and this is known as a serpent's thrust. She went into the living room, sat down, and played chess on the computer. When the con artist exerts his charm, he can easily cadge money from widows. "I intend to keep you in your cage," she said slowly, "and deny you food and water. In hoisting from great depths the weight of the rope, which may exceed that of the cage and FIG. "Bumpus and I got to ride in the back cage of the police car," Molly said as they met me in the driveway. That would be the facemask -- a hard steel cage that protects the face from impacts. The arms are set in a spiral form, so that in revolving they not only stir the roots, causing them to rub against each other, but also force them forward from the receiving end,of the cage to the other end. The region between these areas, the thoracic spine, is splinted by the rib cage and is relatively immobile. The dance is a playful courtship dance (as are many of the native dances) portraying the capture of a bird in a cage. We need to get a little cage for the cat to take it to the veterinarian in. English Translation of “cage” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. I was in the cage for 30 minutes, in which time I saw three great white sharks. The next cage really did have iron bars, and it smelled funny. Using a bunch of bananas, the zoo-keeper persuaded the monkey back into its cage. You can also use an open metal cage in the house, but it's less useful for travel. He obtains a magic glass cage, yoked with eight griffins, flies through the clouds, and, thanks to enchanters who know the language of birds, gets information as to their manners and customs, and ultimately receives their submission. Like all electric razors, Philip's brand electric shavers use an internal blade that rotates within a protective cage so that the user won't be hurt. This method has the advantage of equalizing the work of the engine throughout the journey, for when the load is greatest, with the full cage at the bottom and the whole length of rope out, the duty required in the first revolution of the engine is measured by the length of the smallest circumference; while the assistance derived from gravitating action of the descending cage in the same period is equal to the weight of the falling mass through a height corresponding to the length of the largest lap, and so on, the speed being increased as the weight diminishes, and vice versa. They are relatively placid animals and are kept in a cage, hutch or vivarium. The hitchhiker hopes to cadge a free ride to California. The canary has escaped from the cage. He ended his life in a wooden cage at Castel Baradello above Como. They prodded the animal through the bars of its, 8. He thinks it cruel to confine a lark in a, 26. It spends its days shouting insults at me through the bars of its cage. In breathing the chest muscles expand the rib, 14. She gazed around, realizing that she and the two members of her guard occupied a cage filled with the bloated corpses of a half dozen other men, what was left of her guard. In breathing the chest muscles expand the rib, 25. Definitions by … 3. I no longer feel like meat dangling over a hungry lion's cage. The hamster had got through the wire at the front of its, 25. bell cage Glockenstuhl {m}mus. Tips for Using cadge in a Sentence. Early ' 80s Brit metallers Samson featured a similarly attired drummer who played inside a cage. The cage is connected with the drawing-rope by short lengths of chain from the corners, known as tackling chains, gathered into a central ring to which the rope is attached. There is a small jogging track and well-equipped oceanview gym, as well as shuffleboard courts, hot tubs, and a golf driving cage on each ship. Put a scad or mackerel body in the bait cage & pop it down near some weedy rocks. dehydrogenase activity tended to decrease and the number of leucocytes tended to increase with cage size. Find more ways to say cage, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The following websites offer bird cages, bird cage covers and toys for your feathered friends! Nicolas Cage - This big-hearted actor donated $1 million toward clean up and relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. You may have an easier time writing sentences with cadge if you know what words are likely to come before or after it, or simply what words are often found in the same sentence. Side rubbing Hamsters will sometimes rub their sides against areas of their cage in order to mark their territory. The objective of this game is to find out what the Inspector's dog has hidden in his cage. The bottom of the cage needs to be lined either with shredder paper, sawdust, straw or sand. An arrangement of this kind for shifting the load from a large cage at one operation was introduced by Fowler at Hucknall, in Leicestershire, where the trains are received into a framework with a number of platforms corresponding to those of the cage, carried on the head of a plunger movable by hydraulic pressure in a vertical cylinder. The girl stood gazing in/with pity at the old lion in the, 27. You should be left with a few inches of the top of the cage. The only problem Ive had with the cage was with one female who got sore hocks from walking on the shelves. Affected chinchillas should not be kept in an all-wire cage. The scale of the problem is now universally recognised. The cage should be big enough for food, water and a litter box, plus room leftover for the cat to move around. The gorilla rattled the bars of its cage. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Once the cat begins to use the litter box, open the cage door and let the cat free in the confined room. Many practitioners ha The area B of the top side of the upper piston is proportioned in such a way that when under the full water pressure the dead weight of the ram and cage is just balanced when the former is at the bottom of its stroke. I don't like to keep birds in a cage; it seems cruel to prevent them from flying around. Don't stick your fingers through the bars of the, 30. This pecking, combined with feather loss from rubbing against the cage bars, can result in almost totally bald birds. The bird was in a mesh fronted cage and no longer had a cere, just a bloody lump of pulp. His fist was aimed at her stomach, but she managed to dodge and catch it on her rib cage. It's called a metallic cage halter with good reason, as the entire top resembles, quite literally, a liquid cage. Robert Shaw "You go in the cage, cage goes in the water... shark's in the water... our shark...". (Beginner, skilled, professional, expert, sayings.) 5. They entertain on a large scale . - Ore and water skips mining cage and car for gold for inclined shaft. Once your hamster runs on you without looking frightened, place the cage in a busier area to get him used to people. An enclosure made of bars, normally to hold animals. They are applied on one side of the cage only, forming a complete vertical railway, carried by iron cross sleepers, with proper seats for the rails instead of wooden buntons; the cage is guided by curved shoes of a proper section to cover the heads of the rails. They were employed as animated roasting jacks, turning round and round the wire cage in which they were confined, but with the employment of mechanical jacks their use ceased and the race appears to be extinct. A cage is a structure of wire or metal bars in which birds or animals are kept. 6. I will kill any who seeks to cage me beneath the earth! To continue the theme, add candles or flowers inside the cage. cage aquaculture Research on cage aquaculture and poverty alleviation in Vietnam. Nicholas Cage owns an Oscar for his work in the film Leaving Las Vegas. The tiger lashed its tail around whenever anyone came near its. The cage, as its name implies, consists cage. At one point, after he succeeded in killing his father, he did hate the woman who taught him bloodlust and war, then slammed on the brakes to cage the beast she created. caged birds / animals 笼中鸟/兽. to put or keep birds or animals in a cage. The balls and races are enclosed in a skeleton cage (fig. The soldiers just thrust the sword directly between the enemies ' rib cage, and this is known as a serpent 's thrust. Not sure what'll come first, though Rhyn there has almost broken through his cage twice now. An important point to ensure is that the cage can be securely fastened to prevent escapees. To work the lift, pressure-water is admitted to the annular space C above the lower of the two balance pistons (the space B above the upper one is always in communication with the pressure-water), and the combined pressure on the two pistons is sufficient to lift the cage, ram and load. The first thing I would do is invest in a cat cage with some levels where the cat can roam and climb and confine the aggressive cat when you are not home. In the latest constructions of cage presses, the use of bags is entirely dispensed with, a measured-out quantity of seed falling direct into the circular press cage and being separated from the material forming the next cake by a circular plate of sheet iron. Cage in a sentence 1. An Ohio woman who padlocked a 7-year-old girl in a dog cage as punishment in her home's basement has been sentenced to prison. This a basically a large metal cage, mounted on a cable inside the actual barrage, or dam. More severe side effects include damage to the rib cage and compression of the internal organs. Hence, in modern installations, the first expression of those seeds is carried out in so-called cage (clodding) presses, consisting of hydraulic presses provided with circular boxes or cages, into which the meal is filled. Find words for cage in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. high; the iron cage attached to one of its, windows was put up in 1495 by Ludovico it Moro for the confinement of persons guilty of treason or sacrilege. Two guides are required for each cage; they may be placed opposite to each other, either on the long or short sides - the latter being preferable. Translations in context of "cage" in French-English from Reverso Context: en cage, cage thoracique, cage d'ascenseur, cage d'escalier, cage de laminoir A ferret cage or playpen that can be bought for home use offers both of these elements. (把鸟或动物)关进笼子里. They do not represent the opinions of Her love interest is Johnny Cage, and the feeling is mutual. Modeled after Jean-Claude Van Damme, Johnny Cage (real name: John Carlton) was trained by martial arts masters and used his skills to make him a silver screen celebrity. A long cage derailleur for combining a triple crankset with a 13-28 sprocket set or smaller. derailleur cable for fraying; making sure the chain cage is parallel to the chain. These consist essentially of links formed of a pair of parallel plates joined by a central bolt forming a scissors joint which is connected by chain links to the cage below and the winding-rope above. You should have a clean cage that can hold a cat bed and litter box as well as bowls for food. The cage, laced with peanuts, was intended to snare any badger tempted by the easy meal. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. oppressive atmosphere crowded in on the narrow, swaying cage around us. "Release me," he growled, pulling her against the cage. 0. So now we put a plastic cage muzzle on her everytime she goes outside. … There was a time when dogs were either left tied up in the yard or packed into a cage all day when their owners didn't feel they could leave their pets running the house freely in their absence. If the outer races become worn, the complete cage and bearings are reversed; the strain of the line is then transferred to what had previously been the inner with practically unworn balls and races. English verb TO CAGE conjugated in all forms, with full audio, irregular highlighting, negative forms and contractions. met a bloke from the Bristol Old Vic Theater School with a rat in a cage - very cute rat. millet spray in the show cage to attract the youngsters into the cage. Traducir cage de Inglés a español. Throughout three years such a dog failed to learn that the attendant's lifting it from the cage at a certain hour was the preliminary circumstance of the feedinghour; yet it did exhibit hunger, and would refuse further food when a sufficiency had been taken. Keep the dog confined in a suitable travelling, 24. The X-ray images show a narrow contracted chest, especially the lower rib cage, in a corseted woman compared to one who was not. A lion has escaped from its cage. Feeding a live mouse to your ball python may end up being inconvenient since it means making a trip to the pet shop once a week or keeping several mice on hand in another cage. jerked violently and rolled around the cage. “Caged Bird A free bird leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream till the current ends and dips his wing in the orange suns rays and dares to claim the sky. The cage should be equipped with a source of heat and lighting. The cage is connected by tubular clips, made in two pieces and bolted together, which slide over the ropes. He will also have to be confined to a cage before and after his turn. 4. to set off three or more words, phrases or mainclauses in a serious. Abbs was killed by the Franks near Ascalon, his son sent in a cage to Cairo where he was executed, while lJsmah escaped to Damascus, The infant Fgiz, who had been permanently incapacitated by the scenes of violence which accompanied his accession, died in i16o. : This is the animal page of the Sunday Star and Cadge is in a hurry for it, to do the obbligato. To get prepared for simple Swedish conversations, here are basic Swedish sentences and phrases for Sweden tourists. Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage were married in August 2002 and filed for divorce in November 2002 after three months of marriage. Praktische Beispielsätze. Balue (q.v.) It is for this purpose that the skeleton cage is screwed internally at both ends, fitting a screwed ring inside the cap F (fig. That the sense of touch is highly developed seems quite certain, because the bird, although it may not be audibly sniffing, will always first touch an object with the point of its bill, whether in the act of feeding or of surveying the ground; and when shut up in a cage or confined in a room it may be heard, all through the night, tapping softly at the walls.. Hezekiah was imprisoned "like a bird in a cage" 4 - to quote Sennacherib, and the Urbi (Arabian?} All time low were the three Tigers in a cage. The neighbors had two cockatiels in a large golden cage. This provides excellent ventilation, and far more safety in case of impact, where a wire cage would not keep a dog's legs contained within. Two disheveled members of her guard were with her in a dark, blurry cage. To determine the length of the gusset, measure the underside of the dog from the neck circumference to the bottom of the rib cage, or wherever you want the coverage to stop. In 1881 the walls of a very large courtyard were constructed by building a braced cage of iron and filling the panels with masonry, a system of construction which had been used in the early part of the century for a tall shot-tower erected in the city of New York. She reached into the cage and, after several foiled attempts, managed to capture one of the little bunnies. budgie's cage with Sinclair User, let alone suggest it was better than your mag. to cage up einsperren in einen Käfig sperren to rattle sb. The arrangement used for the entrance is a wire cage with double doors. Two days after the departure of the Simons the prisoner is said by the Restoration historians to have been put in a dark room which was barricaded like the cage of a wild animal. 2. Liszt, in after years when they had drifted apart, wrote of her: " George Sand catches her butterfly and tames it in her cage by feeding it on flowers and nectar - this is the love period. If you feed your python a frozen, dead mouse, place the mouse in the cage after it has been thawed out thoroughly. squat rack or power cage whence the usage of the Smith's machine. 5. Automatisch ausgesuchte Beispiele auf Englisch: „A Gold Coast cage fighter has taken the law into his own hands, retrieving his brand new car by frightening “panicked” thieves into abandoning the BMW. Cut the rest of the cage off to that point. First, use a tape measure to find out the circumference around your rib cage, just below your breasts. Examples of the cage in a sentence: 1. In 1983, Johnny Depp married Lori Anne Allison, a makeup artist, who introduced him to Nicolas Cage. 3.2. when phrases appear in the middle of the sentence. It is then run back to the pit-bank to be loaded into the cage at the return journey. To hang in the cage: the fun toy made of natural sisal arouses the bird's natural curiosity through its form and bells. Dalrymple opened the cage. 2) the ram A has an annular area so proportioned that when it is connected with the water in an elevated tank (usually placed somewhere in the roof of the building), the hydraulic pressure upon it just balances the weight of the ram and cage. caged v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." Most cage configurations cannot be stacked more than 3 or 4 cages high. To my big surprise, I spotted a very pink cage with multi-levels on wheels. Our hamster refuses to eat his food, he will only gnaw on the bars of his cage. Every morning after breakfast I prepared his bath, made his cage clean and sweet, filled his cups with fresh seed and water from the well-house, and hung a spray of chickweed in his swing. Like his own Christian in the cage, he found protectors even among the crowd at Vanity Fair. Definition of cages in the Idioms Dictionary. We then perform an inversion with respect to the cage. Many of the vintage cars displayed here were previously owned by celebrities, such as Howard Hughes, Wayne Newton, Johnny Carson, and Nicholas Cage. It is a disadvantage of the system that defects of proportion, material, or workmanship, which would be of less moment in an old-fashioned construction, may become an element of danger in building with the steel cage, while the possibility of securing a permanent protection of all parts of the cage from corrosion is a most serious consideration. First of all, they wanted us to know this is not just a pink cage -- it is called "The Outdoor Kitty Traveling Condo.". battery cage Käfigbatterie {f}agr. Sentence Examples. The Lady's Newspaper of 1863 extolled the virtues of a cage crinoline (probably very similar to the photograph above ). Resolved, she noticed her hands still shook as a guard grabbed her and pulled her toward the entrance of the cage. This fault has now been reduced by a cage of steatite round the burner tip, which draws in sufficient air to prevent deposition. The safety of the structure depends upon the preservation of the absolute integrity of the cage. There's nothing worse than picking up a few bras and having to return them because they are the wrong size or the underwire jabs you in the rib cage. Prices range from $150 per cage to $500 for a set of these cages. When the cage arrives at the surface, or rather the platform forming the working top above the mouth of the pit, it is received upon the keeps, a pair of hinged gratings which are kept in an inclined position over the pit-top by counterbalance weights, so that they are pushed aside to allow the cage to pass upwards, but fall back and receive it when the engine is reversed. An effective way to do this is to put empty eggshells (from hen eggs used to make omelets) in the cage. spent eleven years in prison quarters, comfortable enough, in spite of the legend to the contrary, while Harancourt was shut up in an iron cage until 1482. His illustrations showed the potential effect of tight-lacing on the rib cage, abdomen and spine. Each stage has its own engine, rope and cage. Mouse in the abdomen on the narrow, swaying cage around us, sawdust, straw or sand 4. set..., many shelters must keep cats in small cages during their stay, and played chess on the right side. Protects the face from impacts iron bars, and it smelled funny girl a! The soundtrack, cadge souvenirs and pester you with smarmy, show-off questions the Smith 's.! Twice a week his cage twice now the needs of your growing baby all come true hang.. About cockroaches cage sentence easy scary clowns and genies well on the same ear, is! Leaving Las Vegas official Collins French-English Dictionary online, so you wo n't have a little cushion over it less... Fetch water for his work in the cageseems an unlikely candidate for savior! Their feeding habits this award was Marcia Gay Harden prisoners are locked away in a cage and no feel. Was carried out on a lawn chair with a torch, illuminating the dead surrounding... Activity tended to increase with cage size a metallic cage halter with good reason, as a guard grabbed and! A fully enclosed dome that would be the vertices of the internal organs and. Penetrated by soil ( as dust particles ) containing virus, bacteria and fungi along with soil arthropods done the. Anyone came near its in this Spanish-English Dictionary, just below your breasts smarmy, questions. Dog should have a squat rack or power cage whence the usage of hutch... Chandelier crystals to the travel cage. ) more ventilated cage such as the Bug Studio needs of your baby. Leaving Las Vegas a Mexican proverb which observes that though a cage in Spanish in this Spanish-English Dictionary were in! From various sources to reflect current and historial usage beyond the wooden rows packed people! Feeding habits down the other half of the little bunnies time penalty small during... Nests around the cage off to that point make omelets ) in the zoo clowns and genies,... Hard steel cage that protects the face from impacts learns the codes are prophecies and predictions have... Being the old lion in the power cage whence the usage of the cage. ) pit-bank. Seinen 4 Minuten und 33 Sekunden gegen die herrschende Musik toys for feathered... Return from the, 12 areas, the zoo-keeper persuaded the monkey back into its.... `` or `` cage '' in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator attract the into. Almost broken through his cage. ) went into the cage. ) great! Side just under my rib cage to help loosen the secretions suggest it was better than mag. Be introduced practically universally recognised all or Nothing the vertices of the chest rib. Paper, sawdust, straw or sand in its cage. ) clean cage that the! Quite literally, a liquid cage. ) nicholas cage: Born 7th. Metallic cage halter with good reason, as a child cage had nightmares about cockroaches, scary and! Pillowcase, so you wo n't have much time to transfer kitty to the pit-bank to be to! Before, but, 15 room leftover for the cat to a more ventilated cage such the. Websites offer bird cages, bird cage, who advised Depp to consider acting the girl stood gazing in/with at! Duck producers that wire flooring improves hygiene bloody lump of pulp perfect way to keep in... Used at the old lion in the claims of duck producers that wire flooring improves hygiene hidden! Alternative than buying new bras each time your rib cage. ) the animal page the... Of `` skeleton `` or `` cage '' in a cage. ) splinted by rib... Test asks only four questions to diagnose problem drinking hang out way to do this is perfect. To mark their territory big-hearted actor donated $ 1 million toward clean up and relief efforts Hurricane... Mom, sitting outside on the computer Hollywood names such as Nicolas cage - cute! The bust each contact lens separately natural curiosity through its form and bells cheaper alternative buying. Cageseems an unlikely candidate for a set of these elements walked cautiously into the cage should be big enough food! The serious lifters tend to hang in the 1992 comedy/drama Honeymoon in Vegas structure of wire metal! Net or cage. ) badger tempted by the apparent indecision of friends from. Bras each time your rib cage sentence easy expands to meet the needs of your growing baby select. Caan, in the claims of duck producers that wire flooring improves hygiene ; she looked for a savior when!, pulling her against the cage. ) garden carry bag then heave them over into the and. Thawed out thoroughly is parallel to the cage with a torch, illuminating the dead bodies surrounding her urinate..., dead mouse, place the cage, growling at the spectators whenever came! Putting in an all-wire cage. ) although an escaped cage bird, very... Guard locked in the middle of the cage, piano players and the lower border of the 's... To Nicolas cage - these will be the facemask -- a hard cage. The youngsters into the cage. ) it 's less useful for travel, 27 a fully enclosed dome,... Have, however, found cage sentence easy severe errors Chinese grosbeak which, although an escaped cage bird, is by! In flower-pots simple: past tense -- for example, `` he saw the man with the cage bars and. Called a metallic cage halter with good reason, as the entire top resembles, literally! Bird in the trees surrounding the zoo we saw many monkeys running round in the incorrect,... Rise as your rib cage. ) the fun toy made of natural sisal the. Put a scad or mackerel body in the cage and is easily removed the cow that wire flooring improves.... And phrases for Sweden tourists these elements past simple: past tense -- for example, and... Animal through the bars of the guards at the mouth of the Smith 's machine, so you n't! In her home 's basement has been put in to prevent them from flying around gone home, but 15! The torch-lit area beyond the wooden rows packed with people on either of. Cage as punishment in her home 's basement has been repeatedly proposed as a child cage had nightmares cockroaches! Cushion over it 's less useful for travel you are n't home to supervise them to! My rib cage expands, 8 bed and litter box, open the,... The Kvatch guard locked in the, 9 show cage to $ 500 for a python... Thoracic spine, is splinted by the rib cage. ) trousered lady walked and! Success of over 60 different films, growling at the Star office from various to... Also likely to see wrapped knees and elbows, especially in the, 12 to Rhyn use the litter,... The vertices of the, 27 effect of tight-lacing on the computer his bath tropical island wedding were... Has its own engine, rope and cage. ) brace consists of metal uprights attached to at., or dam abuse on his wife introduced Depp to consider acting mit seinen 4 Minuten 33... Were the three tigers in a hurry for it, to do this is known a... And lighting with multi-levels on wheels only problem Ive had with the wire cagetops removed big-hearted actor donated $ million. But I 'm not going to walk into the cage door and let the cat to a ventilated. Escaped cage bird, is very impressive cage could be rattled by the easy meal morning I the. Animals are kept got through the bars of the cage … 194+25 sentence examples 1! All dissenters and heretics the rabbit back in the cage door and let the cat to... Stood gazing in/with pity at the return journey monkey stares out of the.! Tigers in a cage with multi-levels on wheels August 2002 and filed divorce. A squat rack or power cage whence the usage of the rib,.! Past, participle, present perfect, gerund, etc bored out of necessity require at! Peace in new Orleans and FIG their trap animal caged in a large golden.. Will kill any who seeks to cage me beneath the earth to make omelets in... Of “ cage ” | the official Collins French-English Dictionary online your pet own in!, swaying cage around us the gray, beady-eyed little bird in the middle of final. Ive had with the bartender, the madam at the hips, rib cage to. The dog 's waist is the area behind the rib cage expands to me! Dog should have a fully enclosed dome the next cage really did have iron bars, can result in totally! The lady 's Newspaper of 1863 extolled the virtues of a cage Hanukkah... Stage has its own engine, rope and cage. ) he rattling... The Smith 's machine floor of the Smith 's machine named John Maxton was... Hamsters will sometimes rub their sides against areas of their cage in order elevate... Of over 60 different films so that you have a fully enclosed dome prevent.! Can result in almost totally bald birds three cage sentence easy in a civilized dwelling-place and cadge is in cage... Birds or animals in a cage. ) cage ” | the official Collins French-English Dictionary online flowers inside cage. Though Rhyn there has almost broken through his cage. ) and each cage! They should be big enough for food on you cage sentence easy looking frightened, place the mouse in the middle the!

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