Your brother is the sweetest kindest most special boy I’ve ever met and if you can’t understand his or your families problems and prefer a future with Bobby Santiago, then the only monster in the loud house is you! ps Lori and Bobby’s reactions are exactly my reaction when I read about the plot of the new loud house movie on Netflix. Bobby is first mentioned in "Left in the Dark", the first episode of the series. He has tan skin, and black hair with a tuft combed upwards. You look pretty sick. Cartoons Loud House. [Goes to her room.] Ronnie Anne leaves the restaurant in tears and Bobby declares that he and Lori are again separated. She doesn't appear physically in the episode, but her name was shown on Loki's phone on the initial sketch of the boys. It is unclear why he has worked so many, possibly for the extra money, or to impress Lori, or perhaps because he keeps losing them. We'll go over to Bobby's and make him apologize to you! Lisa: Normally I don't show human emotions but ... [angry] Bobby has no right about breaking up with you! Cartoons Loud House. "Sorry about that. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes,, Although Bobby's first on-screen appearance is in ", Bobby was on vacation in France during the events of ". Lori: "So, Bobby...I think that Bronson might be Karen's first mate this episode." She is named after one of Savino's five sisters. Lori (girlfriend)LincolnLunaMall Cop CaptainClyde (sometimes)The ManagerTeriPamDanaPar A running gag throughout the first season and part of the second is that Bobby has had many different jobs. It’s your fault my brother broke up with you. Follow/Fav Bobby-o and Lori-et (Outlines Only) By: DukeyDukeyDoo. Instrumen analitik dan statistik video YouTube dapat mendukung pelacakan dan analisis kinerja video YouTube serta mengestimasi nilai video. Lori was screaming in pain while trying to pull her arm away, but the more she pulled the tighter it gets. Cartoons Loud House. All: Right! She usually doesn't take this long to call me." He was up in his room, reading an Ace Savvy comic. [Everyone is surprised to see Lori crying.]. Lori: And that's what happened...sniff...sniff. This is part of an attempt for him to make things right with Ronnie Anne so Lori will get back with Bobby Lori was the roommate of her younger sister Leni. Furthermore, he has been shown to be generally friendly towards Clyde, despite the fact that Clyde hated him and often tried to sabotage his and Lori's dates (but Clyde has seemingly gotten over his crush on Lori since then, as evidenced in Exchange of Heart and Brave the Last Dance). said Lori. In "Cover Girls", Bobby was unable to distinguish between Lori and Lily while Lily was dressed as Lori, despite Lori being present (although disguised as Lincoln). Bobby said. This is my very first fanfiction ever written, so make sure you leave a comment down below about my fanfiction! At the bodega, where Bobby is restocking the soda cans, three teenage girls approach Bobby and each asked him out on a date. The oldest Loud sister, Lori, picks up her cell phone and starts chatting with her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago. Anderson, get out of here!!" If you would like to help out with this story, send me a PM or just post a review if you'd like to help out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lincoln: I know! It's literally very hard." Feeling extremely upset about what my friends and family and feeling like I had noone left to turn to, I came to your house, only for Bobby to stuff me in the suit himself and make me go with him and Lori on their dates. The oldest Loud sister, Lori, picks up her cell phone and starts chatting with her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago. She hangs up the phone and gave Lincoln the good news. Lori: Bobby. Read Lori Loud from the story Loud House - All Grown Up by DestinyHogue (Destiny Hogue) with 2,041 reads. (In Lori and Leni's room, Lori with a sad look on her face looks out the window, she feels like she wants to be with Bobby if they haven't gotten into a break up, so she looked at a print-out picture of her and Bobby, a tear sheds from her eye as well, she talks … His species is a reference to Lori's "Boo-Boo Bear" pet name for him. "Save the Date" is the thirtieth episode of the first season of The Loud House. This is my idea of what happened after the episode’s ending. It's literally the saddest thing that happened in the world! [Everyone is waiting for Lori to come back from the Boyfriend-Girlfriend dance.]. [takes a deep breath] He has had many jobs throughout the series, such as pizza delivery, lifeguard, mall security, and grocery clerk. After being out of contact with Lori for too long due to a bet the Loud siblings had all agreed to, Bobby is first seen in the pouring rain looking through the living room window to check on Lori. Lori: Could you two literally hurry up?! In "For Bros About to Rock", Bobby states that Lori loves a man in uniform. Lincoln: Guys we gotta help her in some way! This causes Bobby to break up with Lori. 1 Plot 2 Synopsis 3 Cast 4 Music 5 Physical distribution 6 Trivia 7 References 8 Errors 9 Videos Bobby and Lori go on a double date with Lincoln and Bobby's little sister, Ronnie Anne. Watch Queue Queue. Lola: I know! College studentPizza delivery boyPool lifeguardMall security guardGrocery stock boyDepartment store clerkTour GuideDry CleanerEmployee at the bodega Get all of his friends at school tomorrow. Dislikes It's Bobby, and I just wanted to let you know, my sis is still crying in her room over what Lincoln did. Luna: Lori, what happened? When something goes wrong and he messes things up in some way, he may feel depressed and doubt his skills (as shown in Stress Test) or even get episodes of paranoia (as shown in This Bird Has Flown). "Left in the Dark" (mentioned)"Get the Message" (voice only)"Undie Pressure" (physical)"Going Overboard" (The Casagrandes) In Season 1 and "11 Louds a Leapin'", his eyelids were the same color as his skin. ]Lincoln: Hey guys. Lincoln: Yeah, what happened? Bobby got mad that Lori yelled at him and squeezed her arm until he could see the bruises grow. Being apart from Lori too longClyde being with Lori or trying to sabotage their datesSeeing Ronnie Anne hurtGetting bored in the car on road tripsGetting trapped in the bodega's dairy caseSpidersHis and Lori's families fightingNeeding to get mad at CJStressMercado under care of someone elseSharks in a hot tubReptilesBeing used as a bait [angry] Bobby has no right about breaking up with you! This unnamed bear is Bobby's story counterpart and the boyfriend of the Mermaid (Lori's story alter ego), who appears in a photo in "A Dark and Story Night". To become the manager at one of his twelve jobsTo marry Lori "I'll get it", Lincoln said. In this one, he has a more urban outfit, including a bonnet covering his eyes and headset. Relatives Roberto "Bobby" Alejandro Martínez-Millán Luis Santiago, Jr.[n 1] is a supporting character in The Loud House, and a main character in its spin-off The Casagrandes. he bellowed, pointing to the door. Lori: Lincoln, I have a pla- huh? Occupation Disgusted at Bobby and Lori's romance, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne begin to tell stories about Bobby and Lori. He has been shown to act a bit silly. Lots of kids shows would have couples break-up when a moving episode shakes things up. Lori: It's no use. replied Bobby as he headed toward the men's bathroom. We’re going to miss school! Lincoln, Clyde and Ronnie Anne enter the Loud House) Lori: YOU!!! While she is glad that Bobby called her, she is fully aware that Lincoln only did this to distract her. Lori notices Lincoln is sleeping with his thumb tucked in just like when he was a little baby. Bobby's first onscreen appearance is in "Undie Pressure", six weeks after he and Lori have begun dating. Bobby said. In order to make things right, the four go on a double date. In fact, he was amazed Lori did not find his statement the least bit insulting. How come Bobby broke up with you! Luna: (gasps) She broke up with Lincoln?! ... As he stared at the couple, he started to wonder why he issued the break up in the first place when Lori was clearly not at fault. By: RobbyA. Bobby will literally hate me forever! In fact, he was amazed Lori did not find his statement the least bit insulting. When a love letter addressed only to "L. Loud" shows up at the house, the siblings try to figure out the intended recipient. "We've been sitting here for five minutes watching you try to call Lori." At the bodega, where Bobby is restocking the soda cans, three teenage girls approach Bobby and each asked him out on a date. Not here; in fact, Chris Savino himself has gone on record as saying he's in full support of these two couples sticking it out. [Source], Boo-Boo Bear (by Lori, Lola, Lisa, and the Manager)Bro (by Lincoln)Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater (by Lincoln, Luan, and Clyde)Bobsled (by Luna and Lynn)Stud Muffin (by Lisa)Too-Tall McSkinnyPants (by Clyde)[1]Dude (by Ronnie Anne)Big Brother (by Ronnie Anne)Mijo (by Hector), College studentPizza delivery boyPool lifeguardMall security guardGrocery stock boyDepartment store clerkTour GuideDry CleanerEmployee at the bodega, Arturo Santiago (father)Maria Santiago (mother)Ronnie Anne Santiago (younger sister)Rosa Casagrande (maternal grandmother)Hector Casagrande (maternal grandfather)Lazaro (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)Mama Lupe (marternal great-grandmother)Carlos Casagrande (maternal uncle)Frida Puga Casagrande (maternal aunt by marriage)Carlota Casagrande (maternal cousin)Carlos Jr. Casagrande (maternal cousin)Carlino Casagrande (maternal cousin)Carlitos Casagrande (maternal cousin)Roberto Alejandro Martínez-Millán Luis Santiago, Sr. (paternal ancestor; generation unknown), His girlfriendHanging with the LoudsWorking at different jobsMall food court samplesUnicornsStickersBro shakesRemote control airplanesThe Dream BoatChocolate chip cookiesPicnicsHouse of TerrorsTee ballJean Juan's French MexTamalesBuñuelosSpending Thanksgiving with his familyPop musicAdios Ana AdiosGhost Club
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