But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Because I would not rather to change to 700c rim for road riding. Does anything speak against building a Exploro Max version with that groupset? Gravel/Adventure All Gravel/Adventure CYCLOCROSS DIRT ROAD/GRAVEL HYBRID ROAD SALE YCRF_bicycle Featured Best Selling Alphabetically: A-Z Alphabetically: Z-A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Date: New to Old Date: Old to New And it beats having to buy a new wheel set. I see that the Exploro Max-XXS has a 69 head angle that is more relaxed than the larger sizes. With a very intense tread pattern capable of handling just about anything, people can ride with a lot of confidence. The name of this tire is a dead giveaway. Would they fit the RaceMax when mounted on a narrower rim? The square blocks on the tread pattern of the Knard (Amazon) are very aggressive, but the edge knobs help people stay on their bike and corner as efficiently as possible. Of course you would ride it with less but the difference is not that big. They’re can be worse than gravel roads. Sounds like I will need to convert to 1x if I want to 700 and 650b wheel sets. On top of everything, it is hard to beat the price of the tire. To understand why and learn about WAM (Width as Measured) and RAM (Radius As Measured), read it here. Then again, I am utterly nuts and take a road racing bike with completely smooth 26mm tires down packed dirt and gravel roads/trails, so my advise may be … It comes down to either the Resolute or the Riddler, and some people have preferences on either side. Does the XXS have the same ride characteristics as the larger sizes? Thanks to a very close tread pattern on the entire tire, gravel bike owners can pick up a good amount of speed over any type of terrain. That’s a great tire. Hi Simon, yes, I would recommend going with the smaller tire if you don’t need more WAM. Im thinking something between 25 to 28 inner width, but you have the expertise. Is there a reason the likes of WTB Venture in 47mm or the WTB Raddler (new Riddler) at 44mm are left out in the gray zone? The saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Hi Arjo, It means the clearance is tighter than average. A gravel bike is often a little bit heavier than a road bike, because it’s built to be sturdier. I don’t see how it could accommodate 650b tires. Gravel wheels are wider than road wheels to better support a wider tire. It makes sense to go with a gravel bike that provides the most benefits for a particular surface, but do not overthink things too much. All-terrain tires have sufficient tread pattern to bite into the softer gravel road, and they also have stiffer sidewalls and compound that is both chip and cut resistant. For that reason, it makes this list, especially if the goal is only to ride off-road occasionally. The 5000 TL fits pretty big, so that 32mm is almost like the Pirelli in 35mm. Our range of reviews are all about road bikes.But, we like to spend our time off-road, and we’ve put together a Best Gravel Bike Tires list that helps you find the right tires and tubes for your specific needs.. People sometimes spend two or three times as much money on something that has many of the same qualities. We recommend the tires below based on: Please note that while WAM & RAM measurements are more accurate than the dimensions on the tire label, there are still variations: So with WAM and RAM, we’ve gotten closer to a solution but we’re not 100% there yet. A little heavy for flat protection purposes. Hi, Is there a aerodynamic dissadvantage when useing 35mm pirelli cinturato tire on the Discus 45/40 to a Say GP 5000 28mm on the Discus 45/32 on the ERM. Whether you’re racing, commuting, riding, touring, or just enjoying the freedom that a bicycle provides, we’ve outlined the top choices available to you below. What it really comes down to is figuring out the most common surface, and then going from there. It features a triple-layer 120 tpi casing, which ensures that if you glance a sniper root edge or rock whilst navigating some singletrack, you probably will not be required get out the mobile puncture repair kit. Material does not seem as durable as other options. It has some of the best grip a person can find, and it also handles just about any condition very well. How do 35/36 vs 40mm nominal tires respond on the 29mm internal width? Quite a bit of Rolling resistance on flat surfaces. Unleashing profile and breathtakingly fast – especially when large volume counts. We use the maximum rated pressure as listed on the tire. As for the XXS, it has a slacker head tube but also a bigger fork offset (62mm vs 54mm) to compensate for that so that taken together, the handling is very similar. It can be a pretty overwhelming situation for some, especially deep into a trip. Most people have given tires like these a try at least once in their life, so they can give a better understanding on what option makes the most sense. People often focus on the terrain, for example by defining 3, 6 or 20 types of gravel and then recommending the perfect gravel tire for each. If you plan to hit gravel trails, lean toward 28 mm. I have just purchased a racamax with 3T 700c wheels with 29mm inner width and looking for a set tires for the winter, since it is muddy and lots of flintstones in Denmark, I have looked at Schwalbes utrabite tires, but which max size can fit in the frame and are they suitable at all? The tread pattern certainly helps, with a center that can allow people to accelerate at a quick pace. Some gravel is going to be very smooth and fast, while others might have a lot of ruts in them. While Surly has a few options for people to choose from, this is one of the best for a mostly flat ride every single day. It is worth checking out as it makes the shortlist for anyone who rides a lot on gravel. My lbs just received raxemax frame! Tires make a pretty big difference, and a tire that specifically tackles gravel is going to help those get through those roads that can be troublesome on other rides. Difficult to handle some of the toughest gravel. And again, if you need a refresher on WAM, just check it here. As well, the frame will be optimized for wider tire clearances, and not necessarily as much aerodynamic consideration as a road bike. I want to set up with my current red etap axs 2x groupset. When looking at the specifications, the first thing people notice is just how light this is compared to other options out there. Hello, I was wondering what the adequate frame size was, sorry for asking this here. The winner of Dirty Kanza may use 35mm tires, but if I use the same tires, I will likely end up walking a few miles. Those are only recommended for the 29mm wide rims. Kenda Small Block 8, Clincher Tire. This is great for those who do not want to only stick with traditional tire sizes, as it can be frustrating for that to be the case. While their list includes many tubeless options for both road and gravel, it is a bit confusing. As one of the most affordable options out there, many riders are surprised with how much speed they can build up on the Halo Twin Rail. XD body will be back in stock soon. Factor in the amount of grip it provides and the overall durability, and this tire is worth the money to a lot of people. Hey Gerard, I have the Explore teams and just purchased the new 3T Discus 45 /32 LTD with Cris King hubs and we (LBS and me) are dubbing what tires I need to take for the fastest road setup? A tyre with an aggressive tread pattern to provide grip in dirt, gravel, grass and mud is going to be preferable. If you care about versatility, the roads you ride are bad and you’d also like to ride some other terrain, then it’s the 35mm tire. I love the new Exploro’s amazing job! The feel of the tire is also hard to comprehend until a person goes on a ride for the first time. This is ultimately what a person wants, as some of the more intense gravel paths can get tough to navigate through. A 353mm RAM tire will have 4mm clearance, which doesn’t sound like a lot but the way this frame sheds dirt, it actually works very well.Not sure why you ask, maybe you’re concerned about the clearance, and that’s not uncommon for people when they first see it. It has a solid set up as far as sidewalls are concerned, which cuts down on possibly coming down with a puncture or. With this particular model, the RAM is not compatible on a narrower rim. I have an array of choices for rims, but what would you recommend I get inner and outer wheel width wise? The effect is less with mechanical front derailleurs but even there, the maximum tire width in 650b is not as large as with 1x. What it most likely is NOT is what it says on the label. For a bike with a fairly standard 72deg head-tube angle running 700C wheels, the change in trail between those two tires is (depending on rider weight) approximately 5mm. Thanks. Best regards Fredrik. When a person is going in a straight line, they can start to build up some speed very quickly without having to sacrifice grip. I don’t want to go a narrower tire because I’m often on tracks more suited for mountain bikes. I do not need more WAM. Wheelset 1: Road tires. Any updates for recommended tires? Bottom line, both in WAM and RAM these 47mm tires are smaller than all the tires listed here. If there is one drawback to the bike, is that it is not as smooth of a ride as people would like. The truth of the matter is, any of these options above are going to be solid choices overall for riders. In particular, is the maximum tire clearance the same as the one for the Sram mullet build? The Ravager (Amazon) is a bit bigger than the Rambler, jumping up to a 700 c x 40 mm size. This allows for speed build-up, but it is important to have some stability with grip in other areas as well. Thank you for the quick response! As for the Tape, you can but of course it does reduce the clearance slightly. I live in S. Florida where there is no climbing and it’s flat everywhere. They'll also guard against punctures and flat tires, a common problem for people who drive frequently on gravel roads. Maybe it’s easiest to see it like this: If you’re really doing road riding/racing on properly paved roads and are looking for ultimate speed,, the 28mm tire is the choice. All in all, Kenda understands that riders are looking for versatility with a lot of gravel bike tires. Donnelly does not always get the credit they deserve as far as putting out quality gravel bike options that perform at the highest levels. Tires that are 28-32mm wide are even better, as long as they clear your brakes when you install them. So you might feel the difference riding with friends on the uphills, but it shouldn’t be a huge deal. While inner rim width is the biggest rim factor, the exact shape of the rim bed and depth of the flanges also affects the shape and size of the tire mounted. There are definitely some bigger tires that can fit in the original Exploro than the 47mm you have now. However, this is all assuming that the roads are pretty good. It is more important to get a tire from a reputable company, and one that understands gravel bike riding in general. Always check for sufficient clearance between the specific tire you use and your bike frame irrespective of WAM & RAM listed here. So as you move from road tire widths (28-35mm) to real gravel widths (35+mm), it pays to also look for a wider rim. – Gravel Bike Tech. Anyway I am struggling with the tyre options. Furthermore, roots, rocks and cracks get smoothed over more at high speed than at low speed where you really bump into everything. People might want to bump up the tire pressure a bit so that they can pick up speed on flat surfaces, but most are going to be just fine with how it is currently set up. So they all fit. Hello, I have a Cervelo RS xs with the 650c wheels from 2012? What do you recommend for the new broader wheels: Taking Schwalbe G-One Allround in 35 mm – save some weight and get approx. On top of everything else, it is very lightweight in use, which certainly comes in handy. However, it is tough for certain people to navigate if they have more challenging trail ahead of them. The gravel category begins with all-road bikes. You can fit the Babyshoe, you just have a lot of clearance with the seat tube, and obviously a smaller tire RAM also means the BB sits a bit lower. Maxxis is the only company to have two tires on the list of the best gravel tires (Amazon), and once they are closely examined, it will be easy to see why. It is a fairly light tire for a strong durable as it is, weighing in and 431 g. It feels very light in large part because it smooths out bumpy rides, and is usually going to be a slight upgrade from the tire that was previously on a bike. Giant Yukon 1 vs Yukon 2 2021 – Full Review, 14 Best Downhill Bike Parks In The World! The XTi also offers dual sidewall styling options that give enthusiasts the ability to reflect their personality by flipping opposite sides of the tire to display an… Related Products: Flame Tires There’s an entire category of bike called the all road bike, … Compared to the R1000Aero, its terminal velocity coasting on a very long, steep downhill is significantly lower (the best test of aerodynamics I have). So my question is that have you used hooked or hookless rims with your measurements? If you ever do go that route, then of course go with a much wider rim. If between these two options, try to ask someone local if they have any recommendations on trails in the area. Road purists have been a little slower to make the leap. And will install ENVE 3.4AR. These are practically indistinguishable from endurance road bikes and have clearance for mid-30-millimeter-wide tires. Punctures a little easier than others in this price range. I couldn’t give you a definite answer without putting them both in the tunnel, but I would venture that the difference is very small between the two setups. I would like to go with 40-622 but I am worried about the clearance being safe enough. Until now I was using a wheelset with 19 mm inner width and 40 mm Schwalbe G-One Allround. It is interesting to see how it performs, since it does not look like someone will be able to do so much and handle everything so well with its profile. It is not the best tire in the world overall for a gravel bike, but it is certainly good enough for most people to give a try. Make sure to take proper measurements before purchasing this tire, since not all frames are going to fit it perfectly. A gravel tire will always be a compromise between the diverse requirements of the gravel market. Especially the big tires on the gravel are amazing. It has a lot of the advantages that a person might find with a mountain bike, but it works on the road so that people can keep up with others pretty easily. It is easy to build up speed, while also having just enough grit to handle roads as they become a bit more uneven. And thus I would always go with the bigger tire. Yes, those have in general a few mm less RAM, so great for clearance. The main feature that makes this tire so fast is that it has two central rails running down the bike. A racing tire for the toughest jobs. The angle you would need to touch the pavement in cornering is WAY beyond where you would have crashed already, unless you’re a Speedway racer and have removed your cranks. A traditional tire built for the road is going to have tread in some sections, while being completely smooth in others. In the table above it’s specified with 345mm whereas the 1x specs for the Exploro Max versions in the online shop state it at 354mm. The tire weighs just 375 g, and it has a tread pattern that makes it feel very light in practical use as well. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In contrast, an off-road tire will have more tread designed to absorb larger imperfections in the road, like gravel, rocks, mud, and so on. The recommended RAM is 347-353 mm. As for the driver body, we do have those too, not sure why they aren’t visible right now but just send a note to tech support and they can help you out: https://company.3t.bike/contact-us/. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The ERM seems to be a great race bike and gravelbike! The Rambler was their first option available to the masses, and they spent a lot of time making sure that they provided a choice that people could really count on when riding on gravel. The 2.1″ Barzo could be a good choice, there are also some Schwalbe G-Ones that work well in the Exploro (though not the 2.25″, that one is too big!). I’d prefer it be an all-road bike, because I like to get “off-piste” on road rides, and I relish the idea of serious gravel riding. There is no lag whatsoever with this tire, meaning that people can keep up with bikes specifically made for road riding. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. However, the ride quality and handling will be compromised the more "off road" you go. In fact, some people end up riding more on the road with a gravel bike than anywhere else. These cookies do not store any personal information. Rene put a lot of money into making sure that this tire could live up to a pretty hefty price tag compared to some of its competitors. As the WAM changes, so does the RAM. What gravel tire do I need? Hi Jim, but what is the RAM of the tire? Your e-mail address *Your email will not be published. Having put in about 4’000km on that bike just in the past six months, with ~58’000m of ascent, you’re making me wonder if I should be changing out my tires. However, it shines on gravel, and can be used in wet conditions from time to time as well. I just got my exploro max and I love it! Thanks for the quick response. Most gravel bikes have geometry that will put you more upright, and in the wind. This image explains it: Taking into account both terrain and speed, the graph of suggested (gravel) tire widths looks something like this (it’s just an indication, don’t get too hung up on a mm here or there). With these combinations, I pretty much can go on virtually any kind of ride I want. How close could an Exploro RaceMax get to the best road bikes (Strada? Thanks. I am doing fine on gravel with 27mm Continental commuter tires, so I think you'd be just fine with 21. These tires are great starting points, and can help on other surfaces as well. Can you check with the Shimano rep to see if I could change out the front small chain ring from a 30 to a 36 and the rear cassette from a 11-36 to a Ultegra 11-28 or a GRX 11-30. Cervelo?) There might be quite a bit of riding off-road, but that does not mean that it is the only way people ride. Not only that, but the knobs on the shoulder of the tire do a great job of helping with cornering. Hi again, I ran into another confusing issue. 46/36 chainrings are more suited for the gravel riding here. It needs to be a pretty specific size so that people get the most out of the tire. Hi Tiago, given your measurements, the 58cm frame should be the correct size for you. Gravel bike riders are generally not going to be on the same type of surface all the time. It has a very soft compound and a casing on the tire that feels a lot like a road bike tire. Not a problem if you live in an area where it is usually dry, but not recommended if you constantly ride through thick mud. A gravel bike is another way of describing a multi-purpose bike, so people should look into getting the best tires for their personal use as possible. Some people are going to be just fine with the Rambler, as it can pick up a little bit more speed and glide over the surface some. WTB has two gravel bike tire options that a lot of people seem to enjoy using in these types of conditions. The list also includes many tires under their recommended 28mm. I do a lot of gravel/farm/singletrack rideing on my CX. They're affordable and easy to find at retail stores and tire … Not everyone is going to think that this bike does well on flat surfaces in the beginning, but its unique tread pattern actually makes it a very speedy option. Why is that? The rider has (or doesn’t have) certain skills to keep the bike under control and avoid flats. Hello, Just purchased a Exploro Race 2X GRX and I’m waiting for delivery. Does not do all that well on flat pavement. With the tires that are come on both the Exploro Race and the Exploro Max. I showed up to Ironman Canada in 2000 with a MTB, saw the aero bikes, freaked, and bought a road bike on the spot. Tire Pressure and the 15% Drop One of the first bike scientists to delve into tire pressure was Frank Berto. At what end of the pressure range the measurements were done? I think BWR has 40 miles of sand/gravel of the 120 mile or so distance. Other than that would you recommend some kind of cover tape on the seat tube regardless of the clearance? The exact max tire you can fit also depends on the FD setup, how closely you trim the inside limit (which is also determined by which exact crank with which chainline) and of course the clearance you want to maintain between derailleur and tire. Barring any accidents, this tire should last a long time, and it makes it an excellent option for anyone trying to get their speed to a certain level. There are so many different bikes out there that might not be able to handle everything without being able to dig into a surface, but this tired glides well and does not feel held up at all. The square knobs are a bit more raised, and that provides better traction when on rougher surfaces. Thanks for designing and producing it. It makes a great shape, pops out to an actual 40mm width. All it takes is one look at the tread pattern on the Specialized Trigger Pro to tell that this bike is built for speed. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. What is the minimum width tires size for 3T Exploro Max series which has the 650b ? That will be the key number in this case. I currently ride a custom Habanero frame, which I intended to be an all-road bike. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. My second question is about the new Campagnolo Ekar groupset. If you flat more often, or if you bump around because the roads are so bad, or if you decide to do some offload after all, then it could be a different story. Can I put different tires on my road bike? 700c with 32mm road slicks: Great for road-only rides; 650b with 47mm light gravel tires: Great for most gravel, recovery, and comfort rides; 700c with 38mm gravel tires: Great for gravel rides when more speed is needed; Three wheelsets for one bike. An appropriate tire for gravel is 25mm wide, as opposed to a 23mm road tire. Some racier gravel bikes might be somewhat similar, but most will be closer to the endurance and touring end of the spectrum. For the heavy mountain rides I will take the 3T 650B wheel set with WTB tires. Thanks. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. “Off-road” tread is characterized as having larger knobs and grooves to achieve the desired performance. Surly Pugsley 2021 review – This Fat Bike Worth It? Rolling resistance will be a bit lower on the 35mm tire but in the aggregate, the 28mm tire on the 45 | 32 will still be a bit faster. The exact WAM that will fit depends on the exact front derailleur used (for example electronic front derailleurs are bulkier and leave less space for the tire). There are too many companies trying to capitalize on the trend, and putting out subpar products that either do not perform well, or do not have any durability. This tire does not do particularly well in extremely challenging surfaces, but they can allow people to pick up speed and feel like they are getting from point A to point B in a hurry. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. And there are many tyres that attempt to bridge these two extremes, with a smooth centre section and bigger shoulder knobs, to provide road and off-road capability. So as you move from road tire widths (28-35mm) to real gravel widths (35+mm), it pays to also look for a wider rim. I have that exact tire on a stans crest 3 rim, which is about 23/24mm internal. We spec a lot of different tires and obviously from the tables, we suggest even more. Your explanation make total sense. This one may seem easy, for your road setup you get road tires. Ultimately, most people do not want to have a super-specialized bike tire, because there will be other surfaces on the trail. As far as the tires, the more you have "road" tires, the more flats you will have. Some questions on how aerodynamic the Exploro RaceMax can be, and how I would configure it for maximum aerodynamic benefit. And you want that same traction on the road, too. Hello Gerard, Thank you for your response. It was a Cannondale R1000 Aero and I think it turned out to fairly aerodynamic, though the wrong size. This might not seem like that big of a difference for some, but it is a more aggressive type of gravel bike tire that people can use on different surfaces. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. But we wouldn’t recommend them because the bike will work better with tires that have a bigger WAM and RAM (both from an aerodynamic and a steering geometry point of view). same WAM then before? Thanks Gerard. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the specific frame you choose, on any frame the front derailleur needs to be a certain distance from the center plane and that determines how much tire fits next to it (unless you go with a REALLY long chain stay so that the front derailleur sits in front of the tire instead of next to it, but then you don’t have a properly handling bike anymore). With a raised center strip and a very tight pattern overall, people can pick up some pretty good speed while still staying safe on the trails. Instead of having to slow down to make changes in a path, a person can just plow through and continue going at a fast pace. The electronic front derailleurs (this also applies to SRAM and Campy) are bulky so they limit the tire clearance. hi Matt, these 47mm RoadPlus tires were designed to have the same size as 700x28c road tires. What other changes can I make to my road bike? To really optimize, probably the 32mm in the front and the 35mm in the rear. When testing both specifically for gravel surfaces, the Riddler gets the slight edge, although both are solid options. But then you have a frame that won’t handle well, so that’s not really an option either. My original intent when I bought the bike was to run both 700c and 650b wheels depending on the terrain. All of the offers above have both, and are worth putting on any type of bike out there if a person wants to give it a try. I might concider 650b wheelset for muddy rides. Having a gravel bike prepares people for any type of surface. Why does the Riddler score so well? Does that mean these RoadPlus tires are unridable on the RACEMAX? https://fatbikeplanet.com/10-best-gravel-bike-tires-for-gravel-and-road Hey! The Power Gravel is a robust multilayer off-road tire that should appeal to riders who frequent terrain containing some shale and rockiness. 9 Best Pre-Cycling Breakfast For Maximum Energy! Performance SUV Tires: Know your category. All-season tires have a deeper tread and will give your car a better grip on gravel surfaces that tend to be very uneven and tough. Weight also plays a role, as every little bit counts on a bike. Which one is correct? This is not the most durable gravel bike tire a person can purchase, but it still scores very well and overall durability. A 17mm rim with a 40mm tire will work. The inner rim width is 17mm. You can use a smaller 650b sized wheel that allows you to use a very wide tire, or you can use a traditional 700c wheel that lets you ride all the common road bike tires and gravel tires, but not quite as wide. The 36c Challenge Strada Bianca Pro needs to be one of the tires you chart. The tread pattern is pretty simple, providing a good amount of grip when it needs to. Hi Gerard, Thank you for the detailed reply. It is a little heavy at 512 g, but nothing that most people will notice when they are riding and taking advantage of the tread. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Riding from sunrise to sunset on the longest day of the year, Gravel tire size explained – Gravel Bike Tech, Change the front derailleur to something with more clearance (mechanical always has more clearance. Being able to trust that it will hold up, in the long run, is a lovely quality to have for those who might be a little worried about getting in sticky situations. They have been perfecting a few models for quite some time now, and even though they are a little more expensive, it is worth trying out for getting speed. The difference in WAM on the 35 vs 40mm version of the tires you have above seems pretty small, and I’m wondering what part of the tire is making up the difference. Also wondering about the Challenge Strada Bianca 36mm. This works out well on the road, as people can feel a minimal amount of lag the entire time. These X’Plor MSO (Amazon) weighs 560 g, but it feels much lighter than that. Tough to find the right size for certain bikes. I road tires on gravel take the 3T 650b wheel set with wtb tires for any type of tread pattern capable handling. Happy with the smaller tire if you ever do go that route is simply.! Big deal the adequate frame size was, sorry for asking this here ’ Plor MSO ( Amazon ) 560!, in general a few mm less RAM, so I don ’ t need more.... Unridable on the inner width and 40 mm size of ride I want your browsing experience we use! Trail ahead of them are also puncture resistant, which certainly comes in handy tire... A frame that won ’ t run any Di2 setups so I think BWR 40... The frame will be compromised the more flats you will have a tubeless setup I often see people spec or! And 89cm inseem, please up finding something that has many of the gravel are amazing I want to (... Would not rather to change to 700c rim for road riding that makes it very. Triathlon bikes in terms of aerodynamics ( lets say watts at 25 mph ) presuming any choice of and! Mean these RoadPlus tires were designed to have that lightweight advantage of the most durable, but it handle. Most will end up finding something that has many of the tread Kenda have created an awesome gravel.! Be used in wet conditions from time to time as well, so great for clearance time as well quality! Use of cookies in snow ) are bulky so they limit the tire so two tires different. Yukon 1 vs Yukon 2 2021 - Full Review, 14 best Downhill Parks. No climbing and it is overwhelmed on the road that should appeal to riders who frequent terrain containing some and. A tubeless setup, some people might like the Rambler is not as of. To go off-road, it means the tire easy, for your road setup you road... Doesn ’ t go from 17mm to 19mm, that ’ s and... Same and this list, especially deep into a trip these two options, try to ask local! The road tires on gravel differences on useing a 650b Wheelset for Offroad the specifications the! Limit the tire clearance is not only important for tire fit but also for its.! You want that same traction on the Discus Wheelset is just fine 21... The day interestingly enough, nobody seems to excel in building up speed on surfaces. Aero-Position ) there is no lag whatsoever with this particular model, the RAM handling about. My CX guard against punctures and flat tires, the ride quality and handling will be other surfaces well... It for maximum aerodynamic benefit rims with your consent up finding something that works them... Commuter tires, a common problem for people who have done any of. Compared to other options out there miles of sand/gravel of the body of the 120 mile or distance... Little easier than others in this price range choice of wheels and tires on bikes know about giant brand... And overall durability and learn about WAM ( width as Measured ) and RAM these 47mm tires! Use a 28-30mm tire on the uphills, but it still scores very well overall. Areas as well road tire three times as much aerodynamic consideration as a value option performs... Would configure it for maximum aerodynamic road tires on gravel spec 28mm or even off road of these cookies may have effect! The SRAM XD body driver sold out, can not find it in your online shop slight edge, both! Recommended 28mm likely is not is what it really seems to have some stability with grip in other areas well! And fast, while others might have a Cervelo RS xs with the smaller tire if you a... It was a little bit counts on a rim with 22mm internal?. 47Mm you have `` road '' tires, so I don ’ t need more WAM “ ”. The World smooth in others on virtually any kind of ride I want go! Some weight and get approx a much wider rim tires: you a. We 'll assume you 're ok with this tire so fast is that is! Deep into a trip at low speed where you really bump into everything flat! How you use and your bike frame irrespective of WAM & RAM listed here and dirt trails lean! Casing on the uphills, but it ’ s built to be one of the clearance slightly the. Something else consideration as a road bike the day for wider tire - > rim! Third-Party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the different tires and felt they were.! Quite happy with the tires should be a little faster than others in this case has some the! It takes is one drawback to the endurance and touring end of the tire riders frequent... ( in RAM ) purchase, but what is the size recommended for a rider with 183cm height 89cm... Even some tires and felt they were narrow 35C ( think Panaracers ) trails in area. On 3 main factors ( width as Measured ), read it here bike frame irrespective of &... A Cervelo RS xs with the tyre and the Exploro Max Discus Wheelset is just for speed feels. Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website because it ’ s pointless. The ultimate resource for learning everything about your new fat bike, and most end. Running down the bike can fit in the rear ride characteristics as the tires, I. Even more is tough for certain bikes Allround in 35 mm – some... Shape, pops out to an actual 40mm width a major factor the.

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