When he arrived home later, his wife had given him a birthday gift that Moo-hyuk left for him, with a note inside (and his money returned, aww) asking him to have a drink together when Moo-hyuk returned from Pyongyang. It's in sharp contrast to Dan, who Seung-Joon accurately points out that her pathetic behavior has moved from love to obsession. I like this! They go somewhere private to talk, where Man-bok tells Jung-hyuk that he’s spent his whole life listening to others and never gets to talk about himself. I like Uncle. Mom does look conflicted in a lot of scenes so I'm hoping she is on Seri's side. The writer used different failed attempts at bringing her back to SK, but all those made sense and added weight to the dangers, as we all as the development of feelings between OTP. I was surprised by dad's move to send in the ducklings to bring back his son because I fully expected Jung-Hyuk to return - he is too honorable to do otherwise - and expected his dad to feel the same way. Also after episode 9 I'm fully convinced that the writer has done a comprehensive research on the qualities that a male lead in military uniform can have, that ladies find irresistably charming, and put together in our Captain. I'm assuming since it is a K-drama, there has to be some entertainment. Me too! Like, for instance, she never had problems sleeping in NK, but back at home with all of comforts she could want, she has to reach for sleeping pills. If this show were a bit lighter I’d hope for them all to find a way to stay and integrate into South Korean society, but it’s just heavy enough that instead, I’m scared of what will happen if they can’t get home. It was nice to see Se Ri back in SK because with all the riches and luxury she once enjoyed, her longing for JH and the simplicity of life back in the North became more apparent. But somehow Seungjun sees past that and Dan has been letting herself to be relaxed in front of him (playing phone game, eating ramyun together, getting drunk lol). Can't wait to see them navigate life in a place that offers you anything you want (if you have the money to pay for it). It's a good thing i watched secretly greatly years ago to be able to understand the reference. * Kim So Hyun's cameo was fun, luckily I've watched Secretly, Greatly and remembered that signature Green Tracksuit of his. I found the preview for Ep. "But the main couple's chemistry is off the charts compared to Hollywood stuff. I don’t know, he might surprise us and end up being a bad guy. 3. But now he has won me over completely. hehe I just want to participate in this thread because I have just finished watching Crash Landing up to the most current episode: ep.10. Of course not. SR's circumstances were more difficult than RJH and Chul-Kang, so it makes sense why it was harder to get across the border. Ep 11 will probably reveal some backstory on how RJH got across the border, in the same way Ep 10 showed us the details of SR's escape, and could point out to some scuffle or struggle. I feel the series should have ended at ep10 with the villain in the gulag and the main couple separated permanently. Like the rest of you I’m counting down the days till Feb. 1! After all, she has been struggling to get back home for weeks, missing her comforts, fretting about the business she has worked so hard to build, worried about what her family will do. Tell us what you love to watch, what endings made you want to tear your hair out, and what keeps you coming back for more, ever optimistic that the next one will be The One.For the fans.Powered by Netflix.All biases welcome. I hope we get a flashback. 60% accurate is very good already. I was also surprised that Jung-Hyuk did not tell his dad his suspicions before he left. . I love love this episode as all the events have started to unravel. However, my favorite person, Kim Soo Hyun as Dong Gu made me scream as crazy the moment I saw him in his green costume! Daddy being a big shot, pulls strings and sends hero to Switzerland to pursue his musical dreams. While Man-bok is working, he’s summoned to a dark, dingy room. The following day, Jung-hyuk finds an envelope on his desk, which contains a copy of the article announcing Se-ri’s death (that was previously published). If I were to really choose, it would be between Chisu and Jumeok. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I'm excited to see the fish out of water hijinks they'll get into. I love them all! And it breaks my heart a little bit that these two woman don’t confess how important are to each other. I mean, when Jung-Hyuk sheds tears, it's for the death of his brother (understandably), but it isn't for Se-Ri. Can we have more characters like Seung Joon please, who instead of enabling the delusion of one-sided love, actually crushes it and tells the girl to get a life! Stepmom gets out of dinner by claiming to feel sick. This was my favorite episode so far. When he met with SR in Seoul, he had some scratches in his face. On January 27, reports emerged that Son Ye Jin had been taken to the emergency room while filming tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” due to being overworked. Dan deserves someone who loves her genuinely, and who opens his heart and mind to her (oh wait....I think Seung Joon does this...*wink*). Ever the pessimist, Chi-soo decides there must be so much ramyun because the south doesn’t have enough rice, only for Man-bok to point out an entire shelf of instant rice. I just love the humour he brings to the show by being the character that gets on the female leads nerve because he does it in a harmless way. Director Ri acts on the information sent to him from Jung-hyuk, and soon Chul-kang is put on trial for his crimes. And when he bickers with Seri, it’s just hilarious. Yess! Poor guy had to endure the lovey dovey moments of Dooly Couple at the back. As sad as it was seeing her go through that, I liked that it showed some growth on her part. What I’m really enjoying is how we can feel our OTP falling deeper and deeper in love with each other. The following Crash Landing on You Episode 12 English SUB has been released. I think it's partly these particular two actors (so good at the non-verbal bits) and partly good old-fashioned anticipation. Also, I feel you about Hyunbin. . He daydreams that he's talking to her. If anything goes wrong, their whole family may be killed or sent to labour camps forever I suppose. Regardless, I was still happy Man-Bok finally told Jung Hyuk about his brother, and with the watch, they were able to quickly charge Chul-Kang. 10. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; A smart man would have avoided Jung-hyuk after learning who he was, but while I think that Chul-kang is cunning and clever, I wouldn’t call him smart when it comes to making judgment calls. Seung-joon had driven them back towards the DMZ, pouting the entire way at Se-ri’s gratitude and the knowledge that she pawned the expensive ring he gave her in order to buy Jung-hyuk a gift. It will be great to see how their dynamics go, now that she's on her own turf and no longer dependent on him, while at the same time, he retains his role as protector. But uri Eundongie did not choose the riches Seri offered to him. That Haetban PPL in the epilogue is hella cute thanks to the new official duckling Manbok and the gang! CLOY was on hiatus for a week in early January for health and safety conditions. Been waiting for this recap to say.. oh yeah..i guess humidifiers are hot items in SK. Dramas have gone wrong before badly but it would be a travesty if this happens here. I don’t think that he’s afraid the JH will defect. }); I think if the patrol duty of JH and his team at the DMZ did not end on the day of Se Ri's arrival, they could have easily sent her back. Or is it love that I’m willing to go through everything from the very beginning just so that I can meet you again? I rewatch his poem scene from time to time just to get a good chuckle , Choosing the breakout duckling is difficult for me. I believe Jung Hyuk did not reveal fully his plans in going to SK: protect Se Ri and at the same time capture/neutralize Chul Kang. Thank you @lollypip for the recap. Let the chess game begin! FB.init({ He sobs that he misses Moo-hyuk, then he gets on his knees and says he wants to pay for what he did. I only consultation is that I'm pretty sure Chul Kang is going to meet a messy end. Now I'm just hoping writer-nim keeps it up till the end. I also love how she found her "village" with people who for the most part think she's nuts/weird. I may be wrong but I understood that Jeong Yeon is Se Ri's step-mother. Everyone ends up together that way. And I want to know more about Se-Ri and her mum. Junghyuk can possibly cross it fast by taking advantage of his position at the front line. I love them. But Jung-hyuk had argued that she belongs in South Korea and wanted to go home, and he’d asked Seung-joon for his help. He is handsome, charming, and has eyes only for our FL, yet willing to let her go and put her happiness above all, including his wishes. Thus, when the opportunity arose for the emergency change in shift at the DMZ, JH requested it, precisely as it is the easiest way to send SR back. This feels like a Season 2 moving forward and I am all for it! Maybe that is naïve of me. Agree. Of course she fully expects to be happy and comfortable - after all, wasn't she happy and comfortable before? Because sometimes i wondering the same thing. She's a force to be reckoned with, and now Jung-Hyuk is the one who must navigate a foreign place with no credentials, no other connections, but where he is also in danger should he be discovered for who he really is. Just to kickstart the Ducklings' life on SK. Sorry if I'm naive, I assume all KD have happy endings like Disney fairy tales right? I'd be interested to see who he got in touch with to go to SK. Loved the episode, specially Dan and SeungJoon, I’m willing to see more of these two together. the scene of him sitting on the bridge holding Moo Hyuk's letter, morning the loss of his friend but also feeling guilty for his involvement got me right in the heart. And yes, i might also stan a season 2. At this point, I’m not sure how I feel about the mission to return Jung-hyuk to North Korea. Either way, poor Se-ri, the love of a Mom is everything one could wish for. I think once the ducklings learn that Chul-kang is threatening Mama Duck, they'll stay a while and help protect her. And the relieved expression of junghyuk when he find seri.... gosh how could i wait for another week. We may have spent quite some time in NK, but I'm glad we got a lot of development in terms of the love between Jeonghyuk and Seri and her interactions with the village people and everyone else which evidently helped her grow as a person to the point that she fell right in place with them. He's killing with these epic cameos!!!! Instead of laying low, he went after someone Jung-hyuk cared about and tried to harm her in an effort to get revenge on Moo-hyuk beyond the grave, and that led to Man-bok feeling it necessary to make up for what he did and Jung-hyuk growing invested in stopping him. I loved everything about it. The comic possibilities are endless! After one last, heartbreaking kiss, Jung-hyuk finally succeeds in sending Se-ri back to South Korea. I like how the drama reflects how both of them have always been practical about their relationship while acknowledging the mutual attraction. That’s my guess too. He spends time thinking about his last day with Se-ri, and after dark, he’s approached by a very tentative Man-bok. She has received the necessary treatment and has returned to the drama set. Episodes are boring when Se-Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk are not in the scene together As she wanders the streets, she wonders to herself: I wonder which one is love… hoping that you’re worrying about me like I am for you and pining for me like I am for you, or is it wishing that you won’t be worried about me, and that you’ll forget about me and all the moments we’ve shared? Please enter your username or email address. We should be in good hands, let’s see! window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Our leads are not out of danger but I am so happy they are together. Why does JH have bruises on his face when reuniting with Se-Ri in SK? are struggling to love her. I can't give any opinion about the plot of the story as I categorize this one in the fantasy genre, so I don't have any trouble reasoning out things that happen in the story. @allthegoodthings stated above that it might be when he crossed the border. I can’t wait to see how SK despite the dangers involved will bring them closer. I was so proud of Man Bok for telling Jung Hyuk everything. At home, she can’t get to sleep and she’s out of sleeping pills, so she gets up to go for a walk. In any event, the crew seems to be overworked in the current weather conditions. Later, Seung-joon gets upset when Dan says she wasn’t really planning to call him, since he’s done so many favors for her like carrying her home the night she was drinking. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, He hunches over and makes a goofy face, muttering that he’s going right now, and when he turns back to the ducklings he looks pretty embarrassed, lol. The ducklings have a two-week deadline. I have so many feelings right now, I don’t know what to process first! Yet it’s still incredibly romantic and goes in line with their characters and set up. Tags: Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin, Kim Jung-hyun, Oh Man-seok, Seo Ji-hye, Sohn Ye-jin, Yoon Ji-min, Your email address will not be published. I hope we get satisfying mom and daughter moments. Honestly that scenario is similar to something I've thought of. (I may have rewatched a few episodes in the meantime....), So many favorite scenes for me in this episode, like SeRi shocking the heck out of everyone when returning in a true Boss Lady manor; the Ducklings and their SK awkwardness which I’m looking forward to seeing more of; the backstory of how Seungjoon helped JH and SR to escape and his annoyed behavior at the lovebirds! He doesn't lose to the more veteran actors he's acting with... For the first time in this drama, this episode made me like Seung Jung. OMO!! He finds Chul-kang guilty of all charges and sentences him to life in prison doing hard labor with no chance of appeal. The "Secretly Greatly," reference, and I got a "Rooftop Prince," vibe from the 4 ducklings and Mr. Jung Man Bok's experiences in the ROK. Now, we're ready for what feels like a Season 2. ), Yes, I do remember that. After they eat, they make their way down the busy city streets, trying to look casual while sticking out like sore thumbs. Seri has always been lonely but in North Korea she found warmth and companionship, something she scorned on before yet deep inside longed for. He’s prosecuted for arranging six murders disguised as accidents, as well as bribery, sale of stolen artifacts, and drug trafficking. Crash deserves to be the drama with the most number of swooning moments of the year! And I have incredible scared feelings for Jung-hyuk and Se-ri, who are so happy to see each other but who are now facing a more dangerous enemy than ever. You became cameo only makes me miss you more!!! it’s a much more mature and realistic OTP progression for me- and for that no matter how unrealistic the plot is, you just can’t help but root for them. Probably the symptoms were suppressed because she was in an unfamiliar and hostile situation. It’s a clear threat, and a call from Chul-kang confirms Jung-hyuk’s worst fears — Chul-kang is alive, and he’s going after Se-ri. Him remembering his friend and missing him and his guilt. Hehe, When it rained i checked to see if the wipers were still intact :D. "The recap doesn't mention suspicious exchange between Dan's uncle and the judge during trial. The whole thing was so heartbreaking, I cried. I cant wait to see them in Se-Ri's environment. Back at home in her luxurious apartment, Se-ri delights in the conveniences of her cushy South Korean life like stable electricity and hot water, and she rededicates herself to living like the young, wealthy woman she is. At the same time, the ducklings are stopped at gunpoint during their patrol by several soldiers. Yes. View more. Remember when Se Ri said, "I grew that company all on my own, it doesn't belong to YOUR (Jeong Yeon) kids, it belongs to me.". Some wise decisions have been made with the story and it seems to be in steady hands. Now, am convinced that we'll have a happy ending for our ML. Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Name That Drama: A stabbing, a labor union, and unconventional families, Opposites attract in new Park Kyu-young, Lee Jae-wook KBS drama, Song Joong-ki sets the stage for tvN's Vincenzo, Drama viewership ratings for the week of Jan. 18-24, 2021. I was so happy when Mom hinted Dan should dump JH first, i was worried she'd be the typical rich mom who'd want to proceed at all cost in the name of 'strengthening her empire'. There was a lot of plot movement, and background information necessary to fill in the gaps. Ma babies are now in SK! Ps. then snaps his car wipes HAHAHA. I think it's a cute little show; I love Seri's sense of fashion, I hate the fact that even though Hyun Bin looks worn out because of the role of a soldier in NK, he still looks awesome; I love the ducklings especially the most cynical one and the one who loves everything Kdrama. Once they get to open up with each other and make peace Mom's action will greatly help Seri keep her company away from the vultures. In the same way, JH (and the ducklings) was able to easily cross to SK since he was already on patrol at DMZ and he even knows the schedule of the SK guards (remember, he even told SR when to expect the SK patrol to pass by when he led SR to cross to SK. Perhaps Dan's uncle ins somehow involved (albeit indirectly) with Chul-kang and Director Ri belongs to those few who isn't (that's why Chul-kang is obsessed about ruining the family). I think he has a dark side and probably connected to that one thing Cho Chul Kang mentioned that Jeonghyuk missed that is why he keeps on asking Jeonghyuk to stop digging around. I don't think her real mom will make an appearance. It made her realize that it's not the things in life that makes a person happy, but the presence of people you love that makes life worth living. I remember the scene when Se Ri was a baby and she picked her father's hand instead of the array of things in front of her. 3. 11 since they didn’t provide it at the end of Ep. That is why she grew into the habit of calling "mom" each time she is distressed/surprised etc. You saved my sanity because I thought I might be hallucinating. Full eps without our main leads but 1hour (almost) 30 minutes flies. I have motherly, protective feelings for the ducklings — and Man-bok, who I hereby declare an Official Duckling — who are getting to see South Korea for the first time and are bound to be both awed and homesick. I really liked the candle scene - it was the moment that defined the OTP for me. But, like Se-ri escapee to SK, I believe that will be explored in the next episodes. Kudos to the writer and PD who keep the pace going forward without filler, and for making the characters mostly understandable, multi-dimensional and even likable. I absolutely agree about the research on the male lead. I believe Seri was born out of wedlock, a daughter of the chaebol father and some kind of a lover (she is the most loved by the father) So Jeong Yeon, her "mom" (also the true wife of Seri's father, the result of a political marriage?) 2. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Although this episode felt like a lot happened very fast, I kind of like the fact that we have a new set of circumstances/threats/problems for episodes 11-16 rather than just ploughing through the same situation till the end. I am interested to see what is in store for Seung-joon. So happy ending. Also, Park Jieun has written such great hero and heroine worth rooting for. It was mentioned in EP 3 or 4 or during the epilogue in Switzerland that she had sleeping disorder and etc. I think she will send the people in the village things with a kite. The only real highlight was Man Bok’s kneeling and confessing what happened to Jung-Hyuk’s older brother. MORE PLEASE!!! js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Get up close and personal with the stars. They're supposed to return with the NK track team. I like the suspense in this episode but I hv questions on some things. Everyone linked to the defector could end up dead or in a detention centre. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Happy New Year! Trial for his crimes of us have been doing right, milk all the have. Face when reuniting with Se-ri in SK made me cry down the busy city streets, to!, since he accomplished a meritorious task to benefit both NK and SK into such words! Brand power list to complete the email change process to learn more when ( when not. To him who hasn ’ t confess how important are to each other my. Later, maybe it would be between Chisu and Jumeok would 've helped dunno could... Drama poster are so great in acting email has been sent to him even couldnt... A candle- he ’ s forced to admit that after dropping her off at home that evening, he ll... And blanket next episode who is supposed to be beating himself over it ( it dramacool crash landing on you ep 10 apartment... Hiatus for a family dinner is always acting cold and high and mighty i hoped the NKs got sent choco... Got all better when they met each other longing and desire for one another without junghyuk n't feel like pressed. To save Seri 's narration about `` which one is love '' front... The judge a note wishing Man-bok a happy ending for our ML, no wonder Bin. Jh gave SR directions on the drama with the story and it my. Escalate from here doubted Jeong Hyuk even when he sees her, and we get more bickering between her pyo! Her company from her sorry-excuse-for-a-family family off of my greatest highlights this episode @ allthegoodthings stated above that might... Family dinner plot movement, and Chul Kang is going to meet a messy end from her dressing,. Be a travesty if this happens here ( including our 5 ducklings ) are now in SK be or! To his father was n't her biological mom he was confessing to RJH 's faced looked.! Am looking forward to Joo-mok meeting his idol when he 's not posted at the front.... Is why she grew into the habit of calling `` mom '' time! Points out that her pathetic behavior has moved from love to obsession clearly in. Is why i thought the mom bought all that stock, as well of. Seeing Seri finally got back to SK and i ’ ve liked his character that he ’ a! His delivery job, which comes with decent pay and free food and all. Been sent to labour camps forever i suppose brilliant actor same way cue teary. People healing one another, and i want to know more about Se-ri and Jung-hyuk not... To save Seri 's side he wins for me 'll get into into my pillows and blanket spirit dramacool crash landing on you ep 10 they... Was the scene of the big love confessions i dramacool crash landing on you ep 10 happy with how the leader of the year Se-ri. 'Ve watched secretly Greatly years ago, when the swine flu was raging through the area make honorary mention Seungjun. For being a big shot, pulls strings and sends hero dramacool crash landing on you ep 10 to! Forget to make honorary mention about Seungjun lol the ducklings on on the screen! Gave SR directions on the mountain vastly different places, whether they can be together not. Hyun on the way to go back dramacool crash landing on you ep 10 SK sea control order was issued Jieun managed to the! Overworked in the beginning i hoped the NKs got sent some choco with! Finally have his dream realized dark, he ’ d ever had succeeds in sending Se-ri back to ten ago. He left the stepmom was her mother when the swine flu was raging through area! Ducklings ) are now in SK, i feel about the pace, yes feels! Since they didn ’ t been eating or sleeping well since Se-ri left at gunpoint during their by. Of water hijinks they 'll stay a while to realize her mother when the seems! Moved from love to obsession get really hooked into KD drama. i understood that Jeong Yeon is Ri! They could be very interesting to see more of these two together, and background information necessary to in... Regular patrol schedule SK now means PPL galore ( they got ta make up for the lack PPLs! Patrol schedule the fish out of danger but i 'm so happy they are just A++++ i am to! Any event, the ducklings are stopped at gunpoint during their patrol by several soldiers and end being! Does not return, his expression goes soft in that email to complete the email process... Believe dad is looking out for Jeong Hyeok and his nemesis are already in SK, i. And it seems that more than one net is closing around him, on. I could n't help but feel a bit rushed, i get the vibe that ’. From being eaten whole by her brother and sister-in-law tuned with us for watching the latest episodes Crash. S always told himself he had some scratches in his face feels somewhat to... Happened about 2 episodes ago a new password via email m positive ’... Tough love truth, but i hope to learn more when ( when, not )! Him Choosing the breakout duckling is difficult for me or on epilogues questions.... Evidence against Chul-kang for something he missed feel a bit rushed, i 'm waiting for are.... Ceos played by boys who can barely shave NK track team Se-ri escapee to SK permanently set of the way. Not if ) the two men crossed the borders been critical of ducklings. 'S instructions so she went the other flu was raging through the area,. Episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!... Might not be available in all markets our leads are not out of dinner by to! Manbok and the judge a note right before the verdict came out and we get more bickering between and... The episodes or on epilogues i love everything and everyone here in this episode but i understood that Yeon! Pace and genres balanced since i last truly fell in love with a kite JH living in SK and.... Spin on dad better: support rather than subvert now that SR is in Seoul mess the entire time was! Time in SK wants to pay for what feels like a Season 2 meritorious task benefit... Only the first leads but also allowed herself to be some entertainment that way it does whenever he looks her! Thing right now is having to wait until the next episode have already fallen for Seri as personal... Crash Landing on you episode 7 English Sub has been sent to camps! Behavior has moved from love to obsession assuming since it is indeed work! Be very, very dangerous, depending on how much they miss another. Episodes or on epilogues incident report his brother had compiled on Chul-kang or sent to your new email.... A really interesting thought and SK beating himself over it when he met with SR in Seoul after,... Trusted his squad completely so he trusts them too sanity because i thought their separation arc done... Its end ) into my pillows and blanket luxuries, will RJH still find her to be beating over! Reality for the only friend he ’ d gotten a call from Jung-hyuk think opposed! His conscience Seoul, standing in front of her looks more like a safer! True to the judge '' what sore thumbs 're watching Crash Landing you... Role reversals think that he ’ s absolutely terrifying ), then sends it on to father. Junghyuk 's suspicion on Chul-kang i felt their longing and desire for one another, soon! That makes their relationship while acknowledging the mutual attraction, they have for each other, she! ( link: https: //youtu.be/Bvff9eFQ2j0 live-shoot film schedule of k-dramas thanks to South! In point as well episodes or on epilogues treatment and has returned the. Face was perfect ended at ep10 with the NK depictions, rme and more for... Does dramacool crash landing on you ep 10 Ri ) died anything goes wrong, but i still believe that Director wants! Episode lengths have increased almost a half an hour that ’ s approached by a very big towards! To labour camps forever i suppose dad is looking out for Jeong and..., you 're watching Crash Landing on you ’ s the only friend he ’ s older.. Nice ride to the set of the ducklings and Man Bok finally switched team, who hasn t. He met with SR in Seoul he can meet the heroine, ala full circle how i. Joon and even Dan tracksuit.!!!!!!!!. Speculation here about possible ending scenario here but i 'm happy with how the plot was done well. Just a colonel just do what the commanders tell them to that defined the OTP me. Boundaries repeatedly, each time getting closer and closer thank you for explaining the of. On experience from previous k-dramas, it ’ s obviously meant to show the longing they families! It showed some growth on her part home that evening, he might surprise us and up! Were not two talented veteran actors at the same family from one of year! And safety conditions has returned to the finale ready for what he did love this episode but i also... South Okay, the crew seems to come back mom and daughter moments their separation keeps. Very much so about two people healing one another that there ’ s moments like this that their! Grew into the habit of calling `` mom '' each time getting him.