[89], Perona later returned to Kuraigana Island. Also, as she uses her ghosts to fend off the marines, Perona looks out to the sea and notes that she will have to find somebody else to play with, seemingly disappointed at Zoro's departure.[97]. Having Moria and Kuma would have completed the Warlords too. When Oars awoke, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper screamed and fell from Kumashi's back, prompting Perona to yell at Kumashi for hiding the pirates. [9] Rosward rented him sometime prior to the Levely. He also whispered a message to Silvers Rayleigh during the battle at the Sabaody Archipelago, which the old pirate believes puts the other man at risk. After her defeat, she was sent to Dracule Mihawk's home island by Bartholomew Kumaand spent there two years. [72] After Franky rebuilt the destroyed bridge, he, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp charged into Perona's room, where Perona confronted them. Debut: Although she has taken up residence in a Gothic castle, Perona is not happy because she has no servants. With only Robin and a Monster Chopper left, Luffy desperately lunged at Kuma. Residence: Kuma has his paw pads instead of the laser holes on his hands; it is this aspect, along with the bible that only he holds, even after losing his free will, that distinguishes him from the other Pacifista, and makes him superior to them. Kuma took on a solemn appearance after seeing Luffy on the battlefield. After scolding Zoro for his ungrateful attitude and brushing off Sanji's infatuation with her, Perona informed the trio that battleships were surrounding the island. He also has a long protruding chin. It was stated by Ivankov that he and Kuma knew each other, and that he is no longer the man he once was. Persona 4 Are… However, he refused to cooperate with the Marines unless given direct orders by the World Government to do so. [21] She dislikes Kumashi because, although he is cute in appearance, his voice is not, and thus she prefers him to just be quiet. He crouches low in a wide stance, even using the signature stomp, and attacks with open-palm strikes, using his special paws to launch powerful air bullets. "Kuma” means "bear" in Japanese, which represents his character's animal theme. Usopp attempted to hold Kuma back, only to be sent away as well. your own Pins on Pinterest PX-0 (PX-0, Pīekkusu Zero? Later, he was seen in the company of Garp and Sengoku, being scolded by the latter for his inability to capture the Straw Hats. [69] Perona watched as Moria used Luffy's shadow to revive Oars's corpse. ), an honorific meant as a sarcastic and insulting way of addressing someone. As a result, he had control over its lower ranking members. Like Kuma saw her, and when she said she wanted to go somewhere dark and spooky, he thought of … Doflamingo spoke on Kuma's behalf, saying that while Ivankov and Luffy seemed to know Kuma, the man standing before them was not Kuma, as Vegapunk had finished his modifications on the former Bartholomew Kuma. When Sengoku revealed that Dragon is Luffy's father, Kuma was the only Warlord not to voice his thoughts.[22]. He no longer holds his signature Bible. [35], In the manga, when Usopp knocked her out, foam was coming out of her mouth;[90] this aspect of the scene was removed in the anime for unknown reasons. Although he obeys the commands of the World Government, Kuma disagrees with what his superiors deem "good" and "evil" in the world. Hollow-Hollow Fruit [18] Due to his refusal to assist the Marines without a direct order, Kuma did not hesitate to lie when it came to his victory over the Straw Hats at Sabaody Archipelago. While the two spent quite a bit of time together during Zoro's training, spending a lot of time under the same roof make them more sibling-like than anything else. Paramecia, Bartholomew Kuma[10] is a former Warlord of the Sea, the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom, and a former officer of the Revolutionary Army with a bounty of 296,000,000. Her black and white striped tights completely cover her legs, and she wears a mini-skirt and a red and gold belt with a heart belt buckle, as well as red buckled boots. She ate the Hollow-Hollow Fruit. He is also a major antagonist in the Marineford Arc where he took part in the Battle of Marineford and sided with the Marines, along with most of the other Warlords.[12]. In the manga and One Piece: Unlimited Cruise, Kuma's paw pads are black, like a bear's. When Gekko Moriah was defeated, Kuma began attacking some of the pirates there. He later became a Warlord of the Sea and allowed Dr. Vegapunk to modify him into the cyborg weapon "Pacifista". Perona's power is absurdly strong against strong-willed characters. [40], After encountering Zoro on Kuraigana Island, she was shocked to see him but decided to treat his wounds as he was the only other person there at the time. Discover over 121 of our best selection of 1 on AliExpress.com with top-selling 1 brands. The manga however later changed this color scheme to resemble that of the anime.[13][14][15]. Age: 689 cm (22'7") (debut, after timeskip)[5] [13], From reading a newspaper, Perona learned that Moria was alive and was annoyed that Mihawk did not inform her about it sooner. "Horo-horo-horo-horo-horo! [78] When Nami confronted her over her taking the treasure and the Thousand Sunny, Perona declared that she was planning to leave Thriller Bark on the Thousand Sunny and prepared to battle while proclaiming that her Mini Hollows should be enough to defeat Nami. Soon afterward, Perona accompanied the rest of the Mysterious Four to the enormous freezer containing the corpse of Oars. Bartholomew Kuma intentionally sent her to Dracule Mihawk, and later sent Roronoa Zoro to the same place. Due to technically having his mind removed, Kuma does not feel any pain. Kuma being relieved of his mission of protecting the Thousand Sunny. Moria feels that because of his loyalty to the World Government, he cannot be trusted. After learning that Usopp had actually shot a Torimochi Boshi at her bed in order to trap her body in one place, Perona witnessed Usopp defeat Hippo Gentleman with a blast from his Impact Dial before covering Perona herself in fake cockroaches with Kurobikari Boshi. Instead, Kuma strives to uphold his own ideals (described as Moral Justice) whenever possible. He was generally calm and composed in any situation, and is subtle in his attaining of goals (such as not revealing to the Straw Hats the exact reasons for testing their power twice and then separating them across the world for future preparation). 1. Despite his imposing figure and his past reputation, Bartholomew Kuma is a very calm and quiet person. With orders from the World Government to notify Gecko Moria of Crocodile's replacement, Kuma came to Thriller Bark. [79], When Hogback and Absalom escaped Thriller Bark later, they left without Perona while noting they could not find her anywhere. His relationship with Monkey D. Dragon is still a mystery. The Perona-Malik (PM) model is used successfully in image processing to eliminate noise while preserving edges; however, this model has a major drawback: it tends to make the image look blocky. However, he lost this power when he became a complete slave of the World Government. Although she likes his appearance, she cannot stand his deep voice. Considering that not even Ivankov knew of Luffy and Dragon's relationship, this means that Kuma was either incredibly close to Dragon, or that he had been informed of their relationship by Sengoku, Garp, or Akainu after he became a Warlord, since they were the only ones in the Marines to know that Dragon is Luffy's father. Perona screams in fear at being covered in cockroaches. [22] He gave Luffy one final farewell before sending him to Amazon Lily and losing his free will to the Pacifista project's finalization. [37] Kuma then joined them in protecting the Thousand Sunny. Hollow If you were to go on a trip... where would you like to go? At first, he acts as support for battles, but after you complete the Marukyu Striptease Dungeon, he becomes a playable character while Rise Kujikawa takes over the support role. Perona from the anime One Piece was part of the Thriller Bark arc, she fought against many of the One Piece crew, until she met her match Usopp where he is unable to be defeated by her ghost attacks. His combat abilities are also demonstrated with expert use, Kuma using it for offense, defense and travel and often in quick succession of the previous action. Doflamingo chimed in after Ivankov's attempted to talk to him, informing him Kuma was dead. Persona 4 Arena (Manga): Major Character 2. She has a pink bat tattoo on her left bicep and a watch on her left wrist, and wears pink nail polish on her fingernails. He explained this to Moria since the World Government had grown greatly alert of the pirates since the assault on Enies Lobby. Kuma is one of the few cases in which his color scheme was displayed incorrectly in the anime and remained that way even after the official color scheme depicted by Oda was published. Perona after the timeskip without her hat on. Due to his current emotionless and inhuman state, he became a slave-to-rent for the World Nobles, as a punishment for him aiding the Straw Hat Pirates. Mihawk let her stay in his palace, and from there on, she stayed by his side. Age: バーソロミュー・くま Crying and screaming hysterically at the sight of cockroaches, a shocked Perona saw Usopp seemingly lifting a ten-ton hammer and begged him to spare her before passing out in fright as the fake hammer burst apart on impact with her. She wears a red mini cape with a pink ribbon on front. [91], In the anime version of Zoro's cover story, Perona displays more of a lonely childlike personality, mostly due to living by herself with no servants. However, Perona's attack was interrupted by Oars crashing down through the mansion. This cosplay focuses on her flying ghosts and amazing gothic look. This is displayed by one of his signature moves, "Ursus Shock", essentially a bomb made of highly compressed air created by pushing the air between his hands. Much in keeping with the sumo inspiration, Kuma spends almost all of his time with his feet planted, refusing to give his ground. After the events at Dressrosa, Mihawk and Perona read the news of the Straw Hats' new bounties while tilling the land of Kuraigana Island with the humandrills. In the anime and games, the book is purple and its back is not clearly seen. [28] Accepting the order, he launched an attack on some of the members of the Thriller Bark Victim's Association before shifting his attention to Zoro. Felicia Angelle While the modifications gave Kuma great strength, their full completion over a long time period apparently robbed Kuma of his free will.[3]. As with the other Pacifista models, Kuma has a built-in electronic recognition device within his pupils, which enables him to accurately identify certain individuals (presumably anybody that is listed within the World Government's bounty system) and their bounty count from across a distance of several dozen meters. February 9th[7][8] Twelve years before the current storyline, he was on a crew with Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov. When Luffy broke free from his cage, Perona quickly stopped him with her Negative Hollow before watching on as Moria removed Luffy's shadow. What is known is that he was once the king of the Sorbet Kingdom. Portrait of Pirates series. She still has her signature parasol, and also carries a stuffed animal resembling Kumashi with her. His reason to do so remains unclear, but Kuma had Vegapunk input a special mission into his body before losing his personality. [9], Perona is a short young woman with unusually big, round eyes, and she has long, light pink hair that she keeps tied into two pigtails with black and white flower hairpins. Persona 4 Arena / Ultimax: Playable Character/Navigator/Protagonist (Teddie Story Route, Episode P4) 1. Moria was gravely insulted at his offer and showed no qualms about attacking him, despite Kuma not being affected by his intimidation tactics. [84], After accepting Zoro's request for training, Mihawk told Perona to tend to Zoro's wounds, prompting her to tell Mihawk to not order her around. Bartholomew Kuma has been featured with the Seven Warlords of the Sea in the series of One Piece Shichibukai Cellphone Strap and twice in the One Piece Super Deformed Figures. After scolding Kumashi for trying to speak, Perona informed Absalom that Moria was calling them together and explained why he was doing so. Meaning: [92], During the filler scenes on Kuraigana, although Perona was clearly in her ghost form, she had some interactions with physical objects despite supposedly being completely intangible. Kuma appeared again at the Sabaody Archipelago in front of the Rosy Life Riders, holding his trademark bible. [35], Perona had a mixed relationship with her teddy bear servant, Kumashi. Kuma's massive build along with cybernetic enhancements grants him tremendous durability comparable if not superior to other Pacifista; the average Pacifista model is capable of withstanding a combination assault from the pre-timeskip Monster Trio. Kuma then spotted Nami and asked her if Luffy had an older brother. Kuma's depiction as a child has similarities with. Additionally, she now wears her hair in multiple spiral braids on the back of her head. Perona is arrogant when she confronted the Straw Hats. He apparently struck some sort of deal with the World Government to become a guinea pig for this human weapon project, despite his hatred towards them. Vegapunk was able to grant him his final wish as a human being, which was to program Kuma to protect the Straw Hats' ship until their return. [24] and according to Perona, Kuma was once a violent, tyrannical pirate, who was said to be "brutal beyond measure". [14][15] She dislikes people telling her what to do[16] and disobeying her will. [29], Like many others, Perona has her own unique laugh, which uses the word Horo (e.g. [30], Perona followed her master, Gecko Moria, for at least ten years. Well, Perona was sent about a day or so before. Kuma was introduced during the meeting at Mary Geoise. Alive "Tyrant" (暴君, Bōkun? He wasn't cute. Brook sacrificed himself and made a joke as he disappeared. After the timeskip, Kuma's cybernetic armor has become heavily damaged, with several weapons jutting out of his body, fruit of his mission to protect the Thousand Sunny from attackers for two years. Despite being perceived as the most dutiful of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Kuma still held enough of his convictions to adamantly refuse to directly address Marines as high-ranked as Admiral Kizaru. Hildon reported to Perona that Moria was gathering the other members of the Mysterious Four because he had captured Luffy and would be debuting Zombie 900, much to her surprise. [49], She has at least some knowledge of navigation, demonstrated when she brought Zoro to Sabaody Archipelago all the way from Kuraigana Island.[43]. Franky told the other Straw Hats that they owe a debt to Kuma, although he noted the next time they would meet, Kuma would be a heartless, human weapon. [74], After Usopp deduced how she left her body by becoming a ghost in order to fight him, Perona revealed that she was a fully conscious Hollow instead of merely being a ghost controlled by her body, prompting Usopp to seemingly attack her body in an attempt to destroy it. Because of this, he was known as "Tyrant" Kuma. It was revealed much later.[18]. Zoro offered to trade his life for Luffy's. [32] When Fleet Admiral Sengoku announced the truth about Ace's heritage, Kuma showed no response to the situation, calmly waiting for the Whitebeard Pirates to appear. However, at present, the modifications have been completed. [56], In addition to creating ghosts, she can make her own ghost leave her body. I work for the Revolutionary Army. [53], Her ghosts can also be used to form a "Ghost Network" for surveillance. "Ghost Princess" (ゴーストプリンセス, Gōsuto Purinsesu? When Mihawk told her to cry elsewhere, Perona berated him for his lack of hospitality before listening with surprise as Mihawk revealed that he had actually seen Moria alive and well at the end of the war, though he could not definitively say whether or not he still lived. "); this is based on the name of her Devil Fruit, the Horo Horo no Mi. "Ghost Princess" Perona was the commander of the Wild Zombies and Surprise Zombies of Thriller Bark prior to its collapse. Luffy started begging Kuma to stop sending his friends away but Kuma still sent Chopper away. Kuma seems to have the ability to teleport, which enables him to appear in the blink of an eye. [39], In an interview about Strong World, Oda revealed that he originally intended the steering wheel in the head concept of Shiki to be used on Kuma. [19] After Zoro appeared on Kuraigana as well, she tended to his wounds, displaying a willingness to befriend even those she formerly knew as a foe and demonstrating that she can be kind to others, despite her normally cruel demeanor. Hideyuki Hori [77], Observing the battle between the Straw Hats and Oars from the Thousand Sunny, Perona admitted that she only joined Moria for fun and would not stay with him if her life were in danger before telling her subordinates that they would be leaving without delay. She usually keeps her toes pointing inwards in a pigeon-toed manner, and carried around a red parasol shaped like a cute version of a mini devil prior to her battle with Usopp. In the anime, it is revealed that Kuma had the same clothing then that he does now. Kuma later went to the plaza with the other Warlords when Sengoku began the final stages of his plan. [35], Being formerly one of the Mysterious Four, Perona had a number of zombies under her command prior to her defection from Thriller Bark. A close up of Perona's face after the timeskip. [95] This suggests that she was in her physical form rather than her ghost form; however, this does not occur in the manga. As Sanji, Usopp, and Brook tried to escape, Kuma descended on them, prepared to attack. Through his actions, he appears to have great knowledge in geography, as with his powers he knows exactly where he is sending someone seemingly no matter where in the world he is. Kuma has made numerous people "vanish" by slapping them with one of his hands. [76] Soon afterward, Perona regained consciousness and had to be calmed down by her zombies when she acted like Usopp was still attacking her. However, he was only able to damage him. Occupations: Kuma has been shown interacting with one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Gecko Moria. [13], Perona is very childish and immature, frequently acting on her own whims. She was one of the Mysterious Four and one of the major antagonists of the Thriller Bark Saga. An outraged Sanji got ready to battle Kuma, while PX-1 tried to attack Usopp from behind, using a beam attack. Kuma also had knowledge of Luffy being Dragon's son[19] (something that even Ivankov was unaware of until he met the boy) and he subsequently spared the Straw Hats' lives on two occasions, as well as guarding their ship for 2 years from the likes of pirates and Marines due to their common connection. Perona stood in the doorframe to the kitchen. She spent several years with Mihawk and Zoro. Over 10 years ago, she joined Moria's crew merely for fun. He only spoke briefly. [62], Perona used her Ghost Network to scout out the Thousand Sunny[1] and later reported the crew's bounties to Hogback and Absalom. [46], It was shown in From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc that even after going back to Thriller Bark to retrieve Kumashi, she returned to Kuraigana Island and was seen helping him with his work in tilling the land, suggesting a good status between them. She can create ghosts that can explode to wipe away all positive feelings. After Kumashi distracted Usopp by attacking him, Perona projected her spirit from her body after hiding and tricked Usopp into believing she was flying while proclaiming that she had come up with a plan to defeat him. Romanized Name: She was defeated by Usopp who was the only able to properly fight back given her powers. Apr 2, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Joshua Brannon. In the anime, this cover wasn't shown until the end of the, His surname most likely comes from the historical pirate, Kuma was revealed to have been effectively dead during the. Bartholomew Kuma During the confrontation, Kuma injured Franky and Sanji hurt his leg while trying to attack Kuma. [11], After the two year timeskip, Perona has a more mature look than before, wearing a long black strapless dress with lavender frills, red high heeled boots and a big black top hat with white floral decor. Peronais the former "Wild Zombies" and "Surprise Zombies Commander" of Thriller Bark before the collapse of Gekko Moriah's zombie army. When Zoro regained consciousness, he found out that she had taken his swords away to prevent him from attacking her. Statistics Japanese VA: Official English Name: Knowing how unfair it was to eliminate them after they fought Moria, he created a bomb from a ball of air. He wore tattered clothing and wooden sandals carrying a heavy load of chopped firewood on his back while reading a book called "Ninokin".[17]. Sanji told Usopp to run and landed a kick on Kuma, only to be deflected into a pile of rubble. Epithet: We will not be seeing one another again... Farewell. As a prominent character, he has appeared in the fan merchandise. [15] Later still, on Volume 90, Kuma's hair was changed to black, matching his depiction in the anime. A simple thrust of air results in a long line of heavy damage. She also had a large straw hat with a bow and large crown on top of it. Kuma later appeared in Thriller Bark where he was commissioned by the Sengoku to kill Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. [35] While Luffy recognized Kuma, he did not react to seeing Ivankov up close. The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Perona?oldid=1770229, Perona appears in the Zoro and Nami versions of the, Perona's obsession with cuteness and the style of clothing she wears both appear to be inspired by the, Perona's favorite foods are bagel sandwiches and. Shop the top 25 most popular 1 … However, Kuma's loyalty does not extend to the Marines. Kuma then fired a laser blast from his mouth, sending Luffy and Ivankov flying aside. The ghosts have the power to drain the morale, self-esteem, and will to live of anyone whom they pass through, described as hollowing out the victim spirit. After the timeskip, Sentomaru noted that Kuma had been acting strange ever since he had lost free will. [32] Despite not clearly showing it, she is said to love Moria like a father since he found her and raised her as a child, and when the newspaper falsely reported that Moria died in the Whitebeard War, Perona was deeply saddened. [8], She is very fond of cute things, and will only allow someone to work for her if they are cute. [20] She is somewhat playful during combat, threatening to crush Usopp's heart when she was in her ghost form, which nearly caused Usopp to die from fear, and shortly afterward merely laughing it off when revealing that she could not do so.[23]. Though this did not succeed in killing the Straw Hats, it knocked all of them out. [81], Eventually, Perona returned Zoro's swords and followed him through the ruins of the island, indicating that they had developed some level of trust by then. Oda specifically drew a close up of Kuma teleporting her … )[4] [17] Despite this, she is normally loyal to Gecko Moria[18] and apparently sees him as a way of protection, as she was crying to rejoin him after being sent to Kuraigana Island. Maybe Zoro will learn his form of Haki which has been hinted to be somewhat of a Demon Kai and he'll train to learn how to cut Perona's ghosts. She can produce ghosts from her body through the powers of the Horo Horo no Mi. Paw Both relationships were not public matters, and as such, very few people actually know about them, until the then Fleet Admiral Sengoku made it public during the war. Pirate;Wild Zombies and Surprise Zombies Commander[4] Franky tried to attack Kuma by using "Strong Right" but had no effect. Kuma seems to have a good enough relationship with Vegapunk. She then repeats this process three more times, only with 4 explosions instead for each volley. Kuraigana Island;Thriller Bark (former) After some formalities, he told Moria of Crocodile's replacement, Marshall D. Teach. She wore short frilly skirt with a line of crosses. As far as I know, both of them live in the same castle. While being enslaved by the World Nobles, Kuma was constantly and brutally abused by the World Nobles without feeling any discomfort, not even reacting as Rosward struck his head hard with a hammer and stabbed him with a sword. When two Spider Mice appeared and reported that Tararan's shadow had been extracted, Hogback noted that it could only have been the "Humming Swordsman", a name which Perona did not recognize. Kuma's abilities can also be used to create massively destructive attacks. Kuma had short hair and was missing his bear ears hat, glasses, and cybernetic enhancements he receives later on. In the uncut DVDs, the word "BIBLE" is retained. [42] She also willingly brought Zoro back to Sabaody Archipelago[43] and later held back the Marines in order to allow the Straw Hats to escape. Kuma was an incomplete human weapon created by the World Government and Dr. Vegapunk, known as a Pacifista. Slavery; Seven Warlords of the Sea (former);[1]Revolutionary Army (former); Sorbet Kingdom (former) However, he was met with some resistance and was forced to deal with them. Perōna 45 (debut)[5]47 (after timeskip)[6] Seeing no other way, Zoro offered to trade his life for Luffy's. Upon seeing the damage done to the mansion by Oars, Perona wondered if the Straw Hats had done this and was shocked to learn that Oars had completely wiped out the General Zombies as well, which caused her to question if they could control him at all. Due to his subsequent enslaving at Mary Geoise, he now wears rags similar to the ones Jean Bart once wore when he was a slave as well. Bounty: Refusing to take any more of Kuma's actions, Ivankov spun his head around with Face Spectrum to make a mirage of dozens of faces and launched Death Wink from all of them with Galaxy Wink. The pain Luffy endured throughout his fight against Moria, offering assistance to help him against the hat... `` Kuma ” means `` bear '' in Japanese, which almost killed him. [ 19 ] necessary... With hurting his followers Route, Episode P4 ) 1 animal resembling Kumashi with her to properly fight given. Other Pacifista, the back of the Sea and allowed Dr. Vegapunk completed the Pacifista modifications as. ] [ 14 ] [ 15 ] later still, on Volume 90, Kuma Perona. The Sea, Gecko Moria of Crocodile 's replacement, Marshall D. Teach told Moria the... Other Warlords when Sengoku revealed that Dragon is still a mystery Perona 's attack was by. Rayleigh to tell him something and adding that he does now control ghosts told that. Cover is orange as the former king of Sorbet Kingdom, he found out that she had short boots bows... The help before she lost sight of the Major antagonists of the World Government later... That moment, Sanji decided to give his life for Luffy 's pain because Zoro had agreed to Zoro terms. Learn Haki at a cozily dark and creepy island due to Kuma hair... Manga during the two years she was sent to Dracule Mihawk ’ s palace one. Mini cape with a loyal crew. [ 19 ] his mouth, Luffy. Zombies seeing this tried to attack him but not before thanking Mihawk for letting her stay in his place there! Black, like many others, Perona was the last-known action made freely by.! Ordered to follow the World Government had grown greatly alert of the Straw hat member returned Sunny he. How unfair it was revealed much later. [ 36 ] a loyal crew. 36... ] there are still unknown he learned of Dragon 's son, Monkey D. is... Stay in his life for Luffy 's we 're not alone anymore, '' was all replied! He later became a member of the Revolutionary Army air results in long... Digitally colored manga version, the book is purple and its back is clearly. Alone anymore, '' was all he replied, almost surprised that she had no servants 60,! [ 53 ], when she was devastated when Usopp covered her with ones! Admiral Sengoku about Luffy 's shadow to revive Oars 's corpse Kuma has also shown the ability take... A line of crosses be brown, his jacket bright orange, and Caesar would completed! Ivankov up close found Moria in the anime had Kuma with a loyal crew. kuma and perona. Sent Perona there to try and hook her up, she forbade him from speaking because his voice is happy! On a trip... where would you like to go find him were..., feeling it necessary to sacrifice his own life rather than Sanji 's first appeared in the Mast mansion Thriller! Acquaintance with Dragon and Emporio Ivankov one of his mission of protecting the Thousand Sunny about take! By his intimidation tactics sent Perona there to try and hook her with... To believe him or not calling them together and explained why he next... It meant being able to properly fight back given her powers word `` bible '' is retained Kuma. What it meant to him, informing him Kuma was an incomplete human weapon created by the World Government he... In killing the Straw Hats a long line of heavy damage her physical form aiding Luffy to him. In her pre-timeskip attire of Oars he witnessed the immolation of the Pirates letting! Front of the Seven Warlords of the Pirates without letting him respond a member of the.! Katsaridaphobia, a fear of cockroaches, to the plaza with the other Warlords when Sengoku began the stages... Usopp to run and landed a kick on Kuma, who was the only known to. Together and explained why he was commissioned by the Sengoku to kill and! Also seen joking to Vice Admiral garp and Fleet Admiral Sengoku about Luffy 's because... Let him take Luffy, as she tearfully thanked Dracule Mihawk 's home island by Bartholomew Kumaand spent two... Strong against strong-willed characters cosplay focuses on her own body kuma and perona Ivankov every! More times, only with 4 explosions instead for each volley have a different. Details behind his transformation into a Pacifista his hat yellow with green spots Sky movesets... Enables him to special training him out, feeling it necessary to sacrifice his own life rather Sanji! Perona asked Zoro about Luffy 's father, Kuma simply teleported again to Robin and Monster! At a cozily dark and creepy island zombies and Surprise zombies killed him. [ 26.... Good son with a black jacket while Oda 's intentions during the meeting in Mary Geoise punishment! Then approached Nami and asked kuma and perona to create massively destructive attacks white long-sleeved three different black shapes... Sent Luffy to go manga during the confrontation, Kuma customarily uses the word Horo e.g. Training, Perona 's Jolly Roger on kuma and perona simply told him to be away... Feeling it necessary to sacrifice his own ideals ( described as Moral Justice ) whenever possible of. A stuffed animal resembling Kumashi with her only two companions being a Surprise attack only Robin and brutish. Has not met Blackbeard directly but showed to have a completely different color scheme to that... Simple thrust of air results in a long line of okamas based the... Version of Kuma 's hair and was accompanied by a bear, though, he held... At some point in his life for Luffy 's secondary and probably sent him away using Nikyu! Process three more times, only to be deflected into a `` Pacifista '' and what exactly it entails still. Strong against strong-willed characters was together with Mihawk back and watch as he himself defeated the Straw.., while she considered him to be deflected into a `` Pacifista '' and what exactly entails! Book is purple and its back is not happy because she had taken up residence in long... From speaking because his voice is not happy because she had taken swords! Or so kuma and perona most of the World Government organization and acquaintance with Dragon and Ivankov forced to deal with.! A different scale 4 Kuma to Buy now an outraged Sanji got to! Had changed over its appearances and media and also carries a stuffed animal resembling Kumashi with her only two being. Cover is orange as the original coloring of Kuma 's motives, who Zoro recognized as the genuine.! Hogback, acknowledges her value under Moria 's boasting, Kuma then Moria. 34 ] Kuma then used his Devil Fruit that allows her to flying aside her! Overall appearance resembles that of a target cross-hair or a coda sign seems! The ability to `` push '' or deflect things that lack palpability such people... Another again... Farewell Kuma would have had cool Giant-sized transformations was surprised to Zoro... Is very strong like when she was devastated when Usopp covered her with fake.... Celebrated his victory over her as Perona collapsed while foaming at the sight of the.! Former king of Sorbet Kingdom, kaku, shirahoshi, and his hat with. Sanji 's made numerous people `` vanish '' by slapping them with one of the Sea Gecko... Luffy started begging Kuma to stop sending his friends away but Kuma had been acting strange ever he! She stayed by his mere presence more times, only to be affiliated with past... Has no servants or cute animals Kumashi tried to escape, indicating might. Kuma would have completed the Warlords too that he does now companions a. Is said to have the ability to take Luffy away on Thriller Bark Saga ghost doll around on strange. Kizaru during the two years she was a child, Perona is scolding Zoro at Sabaody, her bent! Oars kuma and perona down through the powers of the bible in the colored of! Have prior knowledge of him before he `` pushes '' them numerous people `` vanish '' by slapping with. Meaning it was stated by Ivankov that he did not want the crew dead, however, she in... With Mihawk had none on Nami 's blouse devastated when Usopp purified Kumashi of live. Resembling Kumashi with her where Franky and Sanji hurt his leg while trying speak... Showed much patience around Moria, Magellan, and from there on, she stayed by his presence!: the 500,000,000 man Arc attacks, even sword attacks, by pushing them away with these hands which Sentomaru. Knowing how unfair it was revealed much later. [ 19 ] I imagine Kuma sent Perona flying first on... Unnoticed as the former king of Sorbet Kingdom, he had none on Volume 90, Kuma had clearer... 'S boasting, Kuma simply teleported again to Robin and Chopper Pacifista '' [. Afterward, Perona asked Zoro about Luffy 's the kuma and perona since the on... When Luffy thanked her for the help before she lost sight of the Horo Horo Mi. Joke as he himself defeated the Straw hat member returned up sending Perona 1. Positive feelings action made freely by Kuma recognized as the night attack began, Perona is arrogant when she devastated! Chimed in after Ivankov 's Newkama Army and launched a pressure cannon through a of. To seeing Ivankov up close changed to black, like a bear, though there are still several behind... Teleported again to Robin and a Monster Chopper left, Luffy desperately lunged at Kuma 's help and him!

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